Hackers Strike Back: A Recap of Recently Reported Cyberattacks

Hackers Strike Back: A Recap of Recently Reported Cyberattacks

July 3, 2023

Precision Imaging Centers, Marshall & Melhorn law firm, and Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist have recently reported cyberattacks in a string of data breach incidents, putting sensitive information at risk. 

While investigations are ongoing to address the breaches, affected individuals are advised to take steps to protect their personal information.

recently reported cyberattack on imaging center

Precision Imaging Centers Security Breach Exposes Patient Information

Precision Imaging Centers, a medical imaging center specializing in diagnostic services, recently experienced a cyberattack that disrupted its operations and exposed sensitive patient data. The breach, which occurred around November 2, 2022, involved unauthorized access to files containing personal information entrusted to the company. Potentially impacted data includes first and last names, addresses, Social Security numbers, driver’s licenses or government-issued identification numbers, health insurance information, medical conditions and diagnoses, and dates of birth.

According to the Precision Imaging Centers Maine Attorney General Notification, there is no evidence that the compromised personal information has been misused. The company has initiated a comprehensive investigation to determine the extent of the breach and mitigate potential risks. Additionally, it has implemented measures to contain and remediate the incident and enhance its security protocols.

Precision Imaging Centers is offering free identity protection services for 24 months for affected individuals. Recipients of the notice are strongly advised to regularly review their financial statements and credit reports and enroll in the provided identity protection service mentioned in their notification letters. Individuals are also advised to keep the letter should they need to refer back to the information on how to protect their data.

Hackers Strike Back: A Recap of Recently Reported Cyberattacks

Marshall and Melhorn Law Firm Data Breach

Marshall & Melhorn, a law firm based in Toledo, Ohio, issued a notification on a recent security incident that may have exposed clients’ personal information. On September 14, 2021, the firm experienced a network outage caused by an unauthorized actor who gained access to their network. While it remains unclear which files were impacted, personal information, such as names, might have been accessed or acquired.

According to the Marshall & Melhorn Notice of Data Breach, Marshall & Melhorn promptly implemented additional cybersecurity measures and reviewed their security policies to prevent similar incidents in the future. Recipients of the notification are urged to closely monitor their account statements and credit reports and consider enrolling in the credit monitoring services offered. The law firm also provides complimentary access to credit monitoring and identity theft restoration services through a provider for a specified period. Instructions for activation can be found in the notification letter, and any questions or concerns can be directed to the dedicated call center mentioned in the same letter.

As a precautionary measure, affected individuals are advised to enroll in monitoring services, monitor their financial accounts for any suspicious activity, place fraud alerts, or consider implementing a credit freeze to restrict unauthorized access to their credit reports.

Hackers Strike Back: A Recap of Recently Reported Cyberattacks

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Phishing Attack Compromises Patient Data

In a June 2022 article, Becker’s Hospital Review reported a phishing attack that affected Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, a leading healthcare provider in Charlotte, N.C. Between April 7 and April 8, 2022, an unauthorized user accessed an employee’s email and messaging account through a deceptive phishing tactic. The compromised accounts contained sensitive patient health information, including names, addresses, dates of birth, and health insurance details. Some patients may have also had their Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and financial account numbers compromised.

Dan Fogleman, senior director of enterprise communications at Atrium Health, said the security incident impacted fewer than 7,000 patients. The healthcare provider is sending letters to the affected patients to notify them of the breach. It also remains uncertain whether the unauthorized user accessed or misused the protected health information stored within the compromised accounts.

According to Atrium Health’s Notice of Data Security Incident, they immediately secured the affected account to confirm that the unauthorized third party had no further access. They also launched an investigation, notified law enforcement, and employed a leading security firm to address the breach.

Prevention for Cyberattacks: Steps to Take for Individuals and Healthcare Providers

Cyberattacks continue to threaten healthcare providers and compromise patient data. To safeguard sensitive information and mitigate the risk of breaches, affected individuals and healthcare providers should prioritize prevention measures.

Clients of healthcare providers should remain vigilant and adopt best practices to protect personal information. Regularly reviewing financial statements and credit reports can help identify any signs of fraudulent activity. Taking advantage of credit monitoring services and promptly enrolling in offered identity protection programs can provide an added layer of security. Additionally, placing fraud alerts on credit files or implementing credit freezes can help prevent unauthorized access.

Healthcare providers must prioritize implementing strong cybersecurity measures to safeguard patient data. They must ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) through technical and physical security measures, periodic employee training, regular risk assessments, and privacy procedures. Moreover, conducting thorough investigations and promptly notifying affected individuals in the event of a breach is crucial to maintaining transparency and trust.

By taking proactive measures, individuals and organizations can strengthen their defenses against cyberattacks, protecting sensitive data and preserving the privacy and security of individual personal information.

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