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why are apis important for any business
January 25, 2023

Why Are APIs Important for Any Industry

APIs are integral to the success of companies that rely on applications. They enable developers to create complex features and…

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outgoing fax

Outgoing Faxes: Tips for Managing Outbound Documents

When transmitting business fax in bulk, you want to ensure that all of the documents are successfully delivered to the…

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dedicated fax page

Company Fax Page: An Easy Way to Receive Fax Online

Are you fed up with managing paper-based fax documents and trying to understand how they fit into your online workflow?…

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Data Export for Effortless Fax Tracking and Migration

Exporting fax data is possible using iFax’s intuitive dashboard. With this feature, you can quickly extract information about your online…

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how to get a fax number

How to Get a Fax Number the Cheapest Way Possible With iFax

Starting a business from the ground up is exciting. But if you have limited resources, the best thing to do…

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fax status fax delivery tracking

Fax Status for Real-Time Updates

How can you know if your online faxes were successfully delivered to the right recipient? With iFax, you can get…

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Fax Reports: Track Incoming and Outgoing Faxes

Tracking faxes is super easy with the iFax web dashboard. Now, you can monitor your incoming and outgoing faxes from…

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group permission feature image

Group Permissions: Manage Fax Privileges for Your Team

Release date: September 23, 2022 The iFax web app now allows multiple users to assign and create group permissions. It…

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onedrive-dropbox featured image

Never Lose a Fax With OneDrive and Dropbox Sync

Release Date: September 08, 2022 Backing up digital data isn’t an option anymore. It’s necessary. At iFax, we understand that…

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