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featured image whats new onedrive dropbox sync
September 30, 2022

iFax Web Now Supports OneDrive and Dropbox Sync

Backing up digital data isn’t an option anymore. It’s necessary. At iFax, we understand that you rely on cloud services…

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fax confirmation page

Why is a Fax Confirmation Page Important When Sending and Receiving a Fax?

In the business world, faxing is still a common form of communication in specific industries such as healthcare, finance, insurance,…

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natural language recognition image

How Natural Language Recognition Shapes the Healthcare Industry

If you're a doctor or healthcare worker, you know that one of the most important things you can do is…

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advantages of fax services send fax online

How to Send Fax From Windows 10: An Easy Guide

Windows fax services offer a seamless experience when it comes to faxing online. In fact, there are many options in…

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send fax from iPhone

Send and Receive Free Fax from iPhone With iFax

You're about to turn off your office computer, but you suddenly remember you need to send your client important fax…

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your ultimate guide to paperless fax services

5 Advantages of Using Paperless Fax Services

Paperless fax has been all the rage lately, and rightly so. We use over 210 billion pages for faxing each…

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How to Send Fax from My Phone: An Easy Guide 2021

There is no denying that faxing is still as relevant as it used to be when it first became widely…

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receive email fax

How to Receive Email Fax on Your Computer and Smartphone

Sending and receiving faxes online is one of the most convenient ways to communicate to other institutions and individuals that…

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best efaxing services

Top 8 Best eFaxing Services

Need to send a fax but don't have a fax machine? You don't need one if it's for temporary use.…

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