5 Best Electronic Signature Software in 2024

5 Best Electronic Signature Software in 2024

If you want to update your business processes, consider investing in electronic signature software. With more businesses turning to digital solutions, an electronic signature enables a secure and accurate way of signing documents quickly without exchanging physical paper. 

Organizations using electronic signature software have increased by 50%, while individual users have grown by 13%. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, reliability with trusted security controls on documents is a universal requirement.

Let’s compare the top five electronic signature software to help you choose the right platform for your needs today. 

Top 5 Electronic Signature Software

fill document signing app

1. Fill

Fill is a highly-regarded, HIPAA-compliant electronic signature and contract management software that works online and across devices. It offers customizable templates, online forms, and seamless contract lifecycle management for effortless data collection.

Other useful features that Fill offers include:

  • Unlimited eSignature requests – Send as many digital signature requests as you like, and the recipients will receive them via email.
  • Unlimited document annotation – Add notes and texts to the document you share with team members. It makes it easier to communicate instructions and important information.
  • Sync documents in the cloud – Save documents up to 10 for free, which is ideal for personal use if you plan to have a backup of files with sensitive information. 

Overall, Fill is one of the best electronic signature software out there as it offers powerful features for businesses and individuals, making document workflows smoother and faster. Choose any of the pricing plans that fit different eSignature needs and budgets for business use. Or you may use the free account for life.

best signature software docusign

2. DocuSign

DocuSign is a widely used electronic signature software that facilitates document sharing, electronic signing, and automated data collection. It offers a seamless experience across devices, with intuitive mobile signing. 

This electronic signature app supports a wide range of file types, and you can create templates to save more time when requesting signatures. It also allows you to send multiple documents simultaneously to speed up your workflow. 

However, it can be costly, with monthly pricing plans ranging from $10 to $40. It also lacks reliable customer support, leading to challenges when assistance is required. With limited customization options it’s also one of the reasons why users unsubscribe from their electronic signature platform.

electronic signature software adobe

3. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is an electronic signature service built to meet compliance standards of highly regulated industries. It offers a clean and user-friendly interface, document management features, including real-time notifications.

The electronic signature software includes tags, a useful feature for creating document templates with signature and initial fields. It comes with a signing reason option for indicating the purpose of signing the agreement, which is necessary for certain work processes.

A major drawback is the high cost, particularly for small businesses or individuals. Moreover, the interface for their eSignature service may be confusing and challenging to navigate, causing frustration and errors, especially for those who are not digitally savvy. 

digital signature software signwell

4. SignWell

SignWell is an electronic signature software that automates e-signatures with template links, eliminates missed signatures, and speeds up document turnaround time. It is a cost-effective solution for users who need to sign documents on the go. 

This eSigning platform simplifies adding information and signature fields to documents. It provides helpful suggestions for placing content in blank spaces or gaps within the document.

SignWell integrates with popular tools like Google Drive and Dropbox but may not support all necessary tools that medium-sized and large-scale enterprises actually use. You may want to look for other digital signature software, especially if you want advanced integrations for your existing business apps. 

digital signature program docsend

5. DocSend

DocSend is a cloud-based electronic signature software that simplifies document sharing and collaboration for businesses. Users can easily share and track various file formats, including PDFs, presentations, and contracts, with others.

Users can upload and share trackable documents using a generated link. This feature is helpful when collaborating in-house and external teams. They can also control the access of files by setting permissions for shared documents. 

While this platform supports bulk send, audit trail, and document analytics, it currently doesn’t have identity verification or Signer ID verification – a feature that’s highly regarded when signing sensitive documents. 

Most Affordable Electronic Signature Software for 2024

Compared to other electronic signature software, Fill stands out for its affordability and ease of use. For only $8.33 per month, you’ll enjoy unlimited eSignature requests, annotation, signing, and document filling.

Get cloud storage for up to 100 documents and download completed files. Ensure you have a record from real-time document logs, an audit trail, and a certificate of completion for all your signed documents.

Access your documents on the go with Fill’s apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS. When you’re working with other team members, you can maximize the team accounts and workflows. All these features are packed in the most affordable plan suitable for professional and business uses.

Sign up for a Fill account to see it in action – send unlimited signature requests and share files with others right off the bat.

Add Your Electronic Signature to Faxes

When sending faxes, there are instances when you need to add your electronic signature to important documents. Fortunately, iFax supports this feature. 

iFax easily adds electronic signatures to your online faxes with its built-in eSignature integration

This comprehensive suite of eSignature tools allows for efficient online document signing. No need to switch platforms – use the best eSignature software today – sign your faxes online and streamline the process. 

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