Online Faxing Apps

5 Great Online Faxing Apps

If you’re looking for a great online fax app to send a fax, then look no further. Here is our review of the best fax apps for both Android and Apple.

If you thought fax was dead, then welcome to online faxing. A place where you can physically send an email. That’s right. You no longer have to hunt down a traditional fax machine to send a fax and hope the recipient has access to a machine at their end.

Now, sending fax online is as simple as snapping the document, opening up your chosen fax app, such as iFax, typing in the recipient’s fax number and pressing send.

Why can’t you just use email? Because email isn’t secure. Online fax is secure. In fact, one of the best things about iFax is that your fax is secured end to end with their encryption technology.

Who still needs to send faxes, you ask? The government, healthcare providers, realtors, financial services, there are a wealth of industries that rely on this technology, and sidenote – email isn’t legally admissible in court, online fax is.

For outbound fax, have you seen the cost of sending a fax today? When you factor in the cost of the machine, the paper, the toner, the line rental, the repair guy, the salary to pay the secretary to send the fax, it equates to approximately $1 per fax. If you have to send multiple faxes an hour, that quickly adds up.

When you send an online fax, if you choose your fax service provider carefully, you can find online fax services that let you send free faxes, or at least sign up for a 7 day free trial. So if you only have one fax to send, you can do it for nothing.

5 Great Online Faxing Apps

So, without further ado – 5 great online faxing apps to consider:

1. iFax

This is the effortless way to fax online – there is no need for a fax machine, ever again. With more than 5 million people across 20,000 companies opting to use iFax for their online fax needs, you’re in great company.

The app is designed to make faxing as simple and accessible as possible. You can send and receive faxes securely, from any device that allows you to send an email, offering end to end encryption with every online fax.

What do you get with iFax? You get 256-bit SSL end to end encryption, it’s fully HIPAA compliant, you get up to date notifications when faxes are delivered or received and it cuts the cost of faxing significantly.

Capture the data with your device’s camera, import the documents directly to the cloud storage platform and fax them securely using the web or mobile fax apps, then store your encrypted fax history in the cloud for ease of access and enhanced security.

With iFax’s robust internet fax service, you can send and receive faxes in a matter of minutes, ensuring the utmost confidentiality and ease of use. This is why it stands out as one of the leading fax apps in the digital sphere.

2. Easy Fax

With Easy Fax you can turn your phone into a powerful fax machine, capable of sending documents, photos, even receipts. You can literally fax anything, from anywhere, all from your mobile phone.

You’ll also receive notifications that your faxes have arrived either in app or via your email. Simply fax images straight from your phone’s photo gallery or use the scanner on your phone to take images. You can fax your images to other cloud storages or import documents from other apps.

To send faxes with Easy Fax costs credits. When you first sign up, you get 15 free credits, and depending on where you’re sending your fax will depend on how much it costs. Sending a fax online from the US and Canada will cost you 10 credits per page.

Depending on how many credits you purchase – the more you buy, the cheaper each page becomes, each fax page works out between $0.25 and $0.50 per page.

3. Genius Fax

Genius Fax isn’t a free way to send fax, but it is one of the easiest. Using this app is an experience in itself – the interface is simple, fast and beautiful. This is a well thought out app that negates the need to ever step into a fax store ever again.

Simply choose your file from any location on your phone, enter the recipient’s fax number, add a title (if you want) and a cover page and press send. It really is that easy.

Each page will cost you one credit, but the cover page is always free. In order to receive faxes you have to subscribe to get access to one of their numbers and the incoming faxes will be sent as PDFs so you can preview them ASAP or export them as you wish.

Just bear in mind it costs one fax credit to receive faxes. Credits cost from $0.39 each.

4. MobiFax

Where Genius Fax is the beautiful fax app for business, MobiFax is the fax app for everyone. It’s quick and easy to use. No login required and no subscription to get. Simply enter your destination fax number and press send.

In return, you get reasonably priced faxing, high delivery success, and you can send images as well as PDFs. Add cover pages for privacy and get cheaper faxing the more pages your send.

And online faxing with MobiFax is one of the cheaper options, starting from $0.27 per page, with successive pages 20% cheaper yet.

The best thing about MobiFax? It’s one of the smallest fax apps available, meaning it takes up less memory on your device and uses less battery. Win win.

5. Tiny Fax

Tiny Fax turns any mobile device into a fax machine. Use Tiny Fax to send and receive documents, PDFs, photos, receipts, even texts, straight to and from your phone.

The interface is easy to use and the app is convenient to manage all your fax needs. Simply fax documents from your chosen location – your mailbox, Google Drive, your camera or gallery.

You also get to archive received faxes by status, making them incredibly easy to manage.

Each fax page will cost you between $0.25 and $0.99 depending on how many credits you purchase – the more you purchase, the cheaper faxing is. Faxes to the US and Canada are 10 credits per fax page. Simply download the app and off you fax.

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