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A Run Down Of The Top 5 Fax Apps for 2024

If you need to send or receive a fax for your business or personal use, here is our run down of the top 5 fax apps in 2024.

The Top 5 Fax Apps

  1. iFax
  2. eFax
  3. MyFax
  4. FaxZero
  5. HelloFax

But first, what are the benefits of using a fax app rather than sending a fax via a traditional fax machine?

Benefits of a fax app

If you need to send a fax urgently, for example if you are buying a house and you need to send a proof of ID to your realtor, or if you need to send your medical records to a new healthcare provider or insurance company, what can you do if you don’t have access to a traditional fax machine?

You could of course hunt around until you found a friend with this outdated relic, or you could simply download a fax app such as iFax, take a photo of your document, sign it electronically, and fax it where it needs to go.

But the ability to fax without using a fax machine isn’t the only benefit of a fax app.

Here are several more.

You can fax from anywhere in the world. The benefit of using a fax app is that you can fax remotely. Which is great news if you’re WFH and don’t have access to the office fax machine. Simply log in to your mobile fax app, take a picture of the document and fax it on its way.

Fax apps have more features than just faxing. You can store fax numbers in a central contact book. You can use the centralized storage system for received faxes, making filing a doddle. They have a clean and easily usable interface making them simple for just about anyone to use, even first time users. You can even digitally sign the documents with the electronic signature feature that some fax apps offer.

Reduced costs of faxing. When you use a traditional fax machine you have to pay for ink, for toner, for fax paper. You have to pay for an analog line rental. You have to pay for someone to come round and service the fax machine annually. You have to pay for someone to stand there and feed in reams of paper to fax. And when it goes wrong, when the fax is printed off, truncated, or there’s a paper jam, or you accidentally type in the wrong fax number and the fax goes to the wrong place, you have to start over again. And the costs escalate. When you use a fax app, you simply choose a subscription tier that suits your fax needs and that’s it. If you’re a low fax sender, you can usually find a provider who will let you send a certain number of faxes for free each month.

You can keep your fax number. You can port over your existing fax number if you already have one, or you can choose a fax number that suits your preferred location. You can opt for a toll free number, you can even choose a vanity fax number if the mood takes you.

So which are the top 5 fax apps of 2024?

1. iFax

This online cloud based fax service provider is the complete online fax solution for your business. With its intuitive, modern online dashboard, iFax is easy to use even for first time users. They offer cloud based faxing at incredibly cheap prices, as well as being HIPAA and GLBA compliant with robust, military grade encryption.

2. eFax

eFax has a wide range of options and a great mobile app. They’re much more expensive than the competition, but they do support local, international and toll-free fax numbers. However they charge a one-time setup free and have a dated web interface.

3. MyFax

MyFax has a simple setup and is easy to use, but again it has an outdated, clunky interface with limited high end features. It also doesn’t offer digital signatures nor does it have a two-factor authentication process.

4. faxZERO

This fax service provider, while not having high end features, has good free faxing options including international faxing capabilities. Saying that, their paid service tiers are more expensive than most, and they don’t have a mobile app yet.

5. HelloFax

HelloFax offers one of the best free fax services, so if you only need to send a few faxes a month, these guys will give you something for nothing.

They also support electronic signatures as well as integrating with popular cloud storage services. They have several tiers for differing users and they offer a clean and easy to use interface. The downside? Their subscription tiers are pricier than the others.

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