Whether you’ve returned to the office physically or you’ve embraced a remote office, there are apps that will help your business run more efficiently. 

From using your phone as a projector to sending digital faxes, there are many many apps that will help streamline your office and give your workforce the ability to ramp up their productivity, no matter where they’re working from. 

With so many top apps to choose from it can be hard to narrow down which ones will actually help you and your team be more productive. 

So we’ve selected our favourite top 11 free and paid apps and reviewed them for you. 

Without further ado:











Air Projector


1. Evernote

This app may have been around for a while, but it’s an oldie that’s still a goodie. This app will help you organize your life. Use it for taking notes in meetings, for taking a picture of a whiteboard or save online articles. Evernote also has optical character recognition so you can search photos for text in them. 

2. Slack

This app is the most well known of all the group messaging apps. Use it to communicate with your remote team or simply use it to chat with Susan on the other side of the office. Have group discussions, one on one chats, video conferences, private or public, you name it, you can do it with Slack. Bring together your community and create channels for everything you need to discuss. Simulate office chat from the comfort of your own home. 

3. Zoom

When you can’t meet your team in person for meetings, use the next best thing – Zoom. Zoom lets you take your physical event virtual and allows you to have a world class communication experience from the comfort of your own home. From collaboration enabled conference rooms to the next generation enterprise phone system, Zoom is the one stop shop for all online meetings. 

4. Ifax App

Don’t waste your time or money on out of date, expensive and insecure fax technology. Use iFax app, the world’s first digital fax app to safely and securely fax documents from anywhere to anywhere. HIPAA and GLBA compliant with military grade encryption, simply download the app, and fax affordably from your phone. Never miss a fax again. 

5. RescueTime

If you’re wondering where you’re losing time, RescueTime will discreetly and unobtrusively track the time you’re spending on all the different things you’re doing across all of your devices. Use it to find out where you’re wasting time. Use it to help you set targets and develop better work habits. 

6. Pocket

How many articles do you come across that you don’t have time for and then before you know it, you’ve forgotten where you found them? No more. With Pocket, simply download the app to your smart device and save the link directly to the app for your reading pleasure at a later date. Simple and so addictive.  

7. Trello

One of the original (and best) project management apps that keeps on giving. Trello is designed for easy managing, organizing and sharing files and notes for keeping projects on track. Incredibly easy to use with free project templates for you to copy, this app also integrates with lots of third party services such as Evernote, Mailchimp and Slack to name but a few. Create checklists, attach files and pictures, just drag and drop the cards and off you go. 

8. DocuSign 

Getting that wet signature you need for those documents can be a real pain in the backside. But not any more. If your digital fax provider doesn’t come with an electronic signature feature, simply download DocuSign. You use a stylus pen to sign your signature on the screen of your smart device and in turn use this saved signature to sign multiple documents. The app also allows you to convert PDFs for easy markups.

9. CamScanner

This handy app immediately turns your smart device to a transportable scanner. Why would you need a portable scanner? Well, for whatever life throws at you. Maybe you need to scan a bill to your realtor to provide a proof of address. Maybe you need to scan patient information to their health insurance provider. Simply take a photo of your document and CamScanner will turn it into a PDF for you. You can even take scans of multiple documents and bundle them into one file. The app also allows you to reshape the images and crop where necessary. 

10. Air Projector

How many times have you been in a meeting and wasted 15 minutes faffing around trying to get the OHP to work, or to get your computer to connect up with the software in the room? No more! Air Projector allows you to project an image or video from your smart device to any computer, as long as both have a wireless connection. Simply install the app, copy the URL at the bottom of your screen and input it to the browser on the computer. Much easier to project your screen than have everyone crowd around you, particularly when we’re still social distancing. 

11. Buffer

This is the best social media manager there is. Buffer allows users to create and schedule content within it as well as track the performance of all your social posts across all of your social platforms. Scheduling is incredibly flexible and can be done individually for all of your accounts. Create in your spare time and add to the queue for automatic publishing. Simple.