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Have A Desktop/Laptop And Want To Send A Fax? Just Open iFax On Your Browser

If you are a solopreneur trying to make it all on you or a small business owner, we all have to deal with clients or customers. Most of the business usually nowadays is conducted over the phone and a few to & fro of documents. The only couple of in-person meet might take place at the beginning or end of a trade.

Especially for home business owners who chose to work as per their own preference can also find themselves having no-time to do a little extra. Working professionals have the leverage of office tools and supplies when it comes to getting small things done such as sending and receiving documents and also with the mailroom helping in getting documents signed, stamped and ready to post.

A freelancer or solopreneur needs to do it all by themselves but what is more painful is where to find such supplies or tools to get your documents sent or received as quickly as possible. The most common piece of tool that you’ll find is a desktop or laptop as there need of starting from tracking orders to dealing with the clients can be sufficed easily. However, yet most of the time get occupied in document transmission.

However, there is one simple solution, i.e, internet fax services online. The best part is that you can access it via your laptop or desktop to send new fax online. How is it possible?

Why Desktop Cloud Faxing Is Better Than Fax Machines

  1. Painless Setup
  2. Trustworthy & Reliable
  3. Extremely Easy-To-Use
  4. Easy Pricing
  5. Real-Time Tracking

The answer is “iFax” – offering the best online fax services. Let’s find out why desktop cloud faxing is far more efficient than conventional fax machines

Why Desktop Cloud Faxing Is Better Than Fax Machines

1) The set up is painless.

Traditional fax machines incur setup charges as well as the cost of equipment such as fixed phone line, paper, ink-toner, maintenance, etc. iFax provides you with a web app to help you send and receive online web fax. It requires ‘No Setup or Installation’ and also can be done instantly. All you have to do is just open your internet browser in your desktop or laptop and type in ‘’.

2) Trustworthy & reliable.

You always have a fear of downtime in sending or receiving faxes with fax machines due to paper getting stuck, busy phone signals, etc. but with iFax, not only you can quickly send fax online but also get to know fax notifications and updates on Apple Watch or Android Wear. It is not only reliable for your instant fax needs but also you can trust iFax with your confidential fax data as it uses 128-bit TLS encryption to safeguard your fax content.

3) Extremely easy-to-use.

iFax, whether you use a mobile app or desktop web app, it is very easy and simple to quickly send a fax. You can also take help of professional in-built cover page template as per your business need to quickly move to the next step. Additionally, add a digital signature and company logo to impress clients.

4) Easy pricing.

Telephone, modem, fax lines, besides the everyday accessories and maintenance costs are few of the tedious small expenditures that you never get to get away from with traditional fax machine. iFax offers you pay-per-fax or buys credits facility to only pay for the fax you need or for extra discounts. You can get free faxes even by just referring to friends.

5) Track in real time.

You’ll always be in a dilemma whether the fax went through or not with fax machines whereas, desktop cloud faxing offers real-time tracking capabilities so that you can instantly check the fax status.

Wrapping Up:

iFax is one such fax app which fulfills broadcast and business faxing needs of an organization via ‘iFax Corporate’. The simple and smart online faxing app allows you to save more with the more number of faxes you send. You can also import or create a new broadcast list, customize the cover page template and avail pay-as-you-go pricing. iFax truly stands out to be the 21st-century business faxing solution for small, medium or large corporates.

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