are fax machines obsolete in 2022

Is Faxing Obsolete? Why Online Fax Is Still Relevant in 2024

Fax machines were once a cutting-edge technology but are now largely considered a relic of the past. Is faxing obsolete in an age of email and instant messaging? Fax machines may seem outdated, but faxing continues to be a staple of business communications. It’s still as relevant as ever.

Let’s explore why faxing still holds a critical place in modern communication and document sharing.

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A Brief History of Faxing

Is Faxing Obsolete? Why Online Fax Is Still Relevant in 2024

Alexander Bain. Wikimedia Commons

Alexander Bain, a Scottish mechanic, invented the facsimile machine in 1843. This was less than seven years after the invention of the telegraph. It was in 1902 that the first successful use of optical scanning and transmission of photographs was demonstrated. This early fax technology laid the groundwork for the fax machines we know today.

Different methods that improved fax technology emerged through many inventions. By the 1980s, fax machines were widespread and had become an essential tool for businesses worldwide. Newer technologies may have come along but faxing continues to be used in many industries today, particularly in medical and legal settings.

Why Fax Is Still Used Today

Here are some of the traits that make fax stand out in the digital age:


Faxes are familiar to many workplaces because they have been used for so long. Most staff members are comfortable with fax machines and know how to use them. They’re familiar with how faxing works and the protocols for sending and receiving faxes using the machine.

Accuracy and clarity

Fax machines transmit documents through telephone lines, which means they can be accurate. Telephone line signals are converted into a digital format, which eliminates any distortion caused by noise or interference. If there’s a line problem or the receiver isn’t answering, the fax machine will try again until it goes through. Additionally, they maintain all of the formatting and layout of the original document — something email and digital files often lose.


Fax is faster than traditional mail delivery. The documents are sent instantly, allowing for same-day communication that would otherwise take days or weeks to reach the recipient. This reduces turnaround time significantly, making it ideal for urgent situations where time is of the essence.

Why Fax Machines Are Becoming Obsolete

Is Faxing Obsolete? Why Online Fax Is Still Relevant in 2024

Fax machines are obsolete because they are mostly:

Phased out

First, the machine is increasingly challenging to find replacement parts or reliable service providers. If something goes wrong with the device, it’s unlikely to be fixed on time. Users often resort to finding a new device, which can be expensive and time-consuming.


The cost of owning and maintaining a fax machine has made it impractical for most. Installation, maintenance costs, supplies, and toner all add up. Plus, fees for long-distance transmissions make a fax machine even less attractive. Not user-friendly Fax machines are also difficult to use for most people. New users might take time to learn how to operate the machine, and even seasoned users need help troubleshooting technical problems.

Not scalable

Fax machines are not scalable and can quickly become a bottleneck in your business operations. For one thing, they may not be up to the task if you send and receive a high volume of faxes. As your business grows, it is essential to consider whether a fax machine is the best option for you.

Fax machine is phased out, but the technology that underpins faxing remains a reliable and secure communication. Good thing that you can still get the pros of traditional fax without the cons when you use online faxing.

Online Faxing: An Alternative to Fax Machines

Faxing is here to stay, especially since this technology has adapted to the digital age. Online faxing has emerged as the preferred alternative to traditional fax machines. It works by sending and receiving documents via the internet. Still hesitant to make the switch? Here, you’ll see that online faxing offers significant benefits over traditional fax machines.

Ease of use

Online faxing platforms are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. For example, a first-time user of iFax can figure out how to send an online fax within minutes. There’s no need for a user manual or hours of training. This makes it ideal for businesses of all sizes that wish to streamline their operations.

Unlimited access

When you need to connect to your clients, customers, partners, and suppliers, you can do it anytime with online faxing. You don’t need to be in the office or have a fax machine handy. All you need is a computer or a mobile device and an internet connection.


Online faxing is cost-effective, especially for businesses with high-volume transmissions and international faxes. It eliminates the need to purchase and maintain a physical machine, reducing long-term costs.

Secure document transmission

Online faxing uses high-level encryption to ensure that all transmissions aren’t easy to intercept, making it an incredibly secure method of communication. Each transmission is encrypted, which prevents unauthorized persons from intercepting or accessing the data.

In contrast, physical mail can be stolen or misplaced, while emails are relatively easy to hack since they often do not have high-level encryption. This is especially important when dealing with confidential information, such as patient data.

Faxing Wirelessly With iFax

Is Faxing Obsolete? Why Online Fax Is Still Relevant in 2024

With iFax, you can enjoy increased mobility, as you’re no longer tied to a physical machine. You’ll also benefit from lower costs, as you won’t have to worry about maintenance and repairs. And if security is a concern, iFax offers robust encryption features to keep your sensitive information safe. If you’re looking for a more effective way to communicate, iFax is the perfect solution for your business.

Take a product tour today and see how it can help you fax without the machine.

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