Few businesses with the far-fetched vision realized the potential of developing their own business mobile apps. Now, due to accelerated speed in technology advancement, these businesses with the help from top mobile app development companies have realized the potential of shifting their software applications to the cloud.

Fax industry is no different in any part of the above-said aspects. Being in the industry, just over a decade ago, ‘iFax’ has gathered surmounting experience in understanding and delivering cutting-edge fax solutions to enterprises and corporates around the world. Hence, in this informative guide, we bring you the complete and detailed analysis of the latest fax server solution to achieve maximum business productivity. To be more precise, we believe in sharing our knowledge to our users and readers about some of the key differences between on-premise or in-house fax server solutions and cloud fax platform.

It is well established now that the fax industry has advanced a lot from a conventional or traditional fax machine to ‘internet fax’ or ‘online fax’. Without waiting for further ado, let’s see the critical difference between fax server and cloud fax & its relative factors.

1) Infrastructure Environment

There are many businesses who like to have a fax solution based at their own data center. This is mainly due to the control over infrastructure in case of any issues or tech glitch. Any business who is hosting in-house fax service solution needs to be prepared with the contingency disaster recovery strategy which mainly falls under the company’s IT department. On the contrary, a business can easily start to send and receive faxes online from an ‘Enterprise-grade Fax Service’ provider. Rather than keeping control and losing everything in the moment of an emergency, it is better to opt for one with the advanced infrastructure, quicker response time, following protocols and using the latest and secured fax technology. This will ensure to free up your IT team and resources which can further be allocated with further business tasks.

2) Speed & Simplicity

One thing is for sure with the internet fax services is that they can be implemented and integrated straight with your business process. Moreover, nowadays, the best online fax service also comes with cutting-edge features and functionalities that lets your business perform many faxing tasks at once. From the business perspective, due to quicker deployment and less hassle involved, it does save valuable time and money.

3) Scalable

When it comes to moving up a ladder on the account of business growth, from one to how many servers a business can think of buying? Multiple servers, of course, require additional cost with external databases, SQL servers, load balancers, multiple VoIP gateways, and the list could go a long way and not to mention the cost associated with it. If the company is looking to scale on the grounds by hosting a range of fax servers, it would also need to upgrade the number of ports which is again going to cost more money. Hosted cloud fax solutions make all these problems obsolete for your business as you would be relying on their cloud-based fax service. Most importantly for you is to choose a perfect fax solution.

4) Cost

The bottom line definitely comes to the price. It is hard to evaluate the future cost of an on-premise solution while your business is trying to grow. In the end, what matters most is picking up the option that is most suitable to the business. Either you can invest a large sum upfront and can lower the recurring expenditure while on the other hand, you can opt for cloud fax solution and pay a nominal monthly fee to let your business send and receive faxes online seamlessly.


iFax is one such fax app which fulfills broadcast and business faxing needs of an organization via iFax Corporate’. The simple and smart online faxing app allows you to save more with the more number of faxes you send. You can also import or create a new broadcast list, customize the cover page template and avail pay-as-you-go pricing. iFax truly stands out to be the 21st-century business faxing solution for small, medium or large corporates.