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6 Best Direct Secure Messaging Tools for Healthcare

Direct Secure Messaging is an internet-based tool similar to email that enables secure health data exchange. 

Here’s everything you need to know about direct messaging and the top solutions to help you implement it in a healthcare setting.

What Is Direct Secure Messaging?

Direct Secure Messaging, commonly called Direct, uses national encryption standards to exchange health data among healthcare entities. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology says that Direct is a secure, user-friendly, and cost-effective method endorsed by nationally recognized experts and organizations. 

Top 6 Direct Secure Messaging Solutions

6 Best Direct Secure Messaging Tools for Healthcare

1. DataMotion

Data Motion offers direct secure messaging tools for ambulatory providers, health information exchanges (HIE), and electronic health record (EHR) vendors. You can send HIPAA-compliant messages and documents such as admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) notifications. It provides Direct Secure Messaging APIs so you can integrate the feature into your EHR, HIE, patient portal, or mobile health apps.

6 Best Direct Secure Messaging Tools for Healthcare

2. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a cloud-based EHR system that offers Direct messaging. It also provides charting, e-prescriptions, lab and imaging features, and more. Any user verified by Practice Fusion’s verification standards can use Direct. All you need to do is request a Direct account, log into the EHR, and use the referral workflow to add Direct address information for your contacts.

6 Best Direct Secure Messaging Tools for Healthcare

3. iShare Medical Messaging

Do you need a secure and easy way to send medical records to other healthcare entities? iShare Medical Messaging can help. The Direct Secure Messaging solution can integrate with your EHR, replacing bulky fax machines to send medical records in a HIPAA-compliant network. Senders’ and receivers’ identities are verified, so you only send protected health information (PHI) to authorized persons. It also offers a “send in behalf of” feature that allows other practitioners to send messages on your behalf.

6 Best Direct Secure Messaging Tools for Healthcare

4. Updox

Updox offers a complete practice management platform for independent providers, mid-sized practices, and large hospitals. Its platform includes Direct Secure Messaging, which allows you to connect with fellow providers and send data to other Updox platforms. You can even send messages to external users like billing agencies. Aside from secure messaging, the HIPAA-compliant service offers API connectivity, broadcast messaging, and document management tools.

6 Best Direct Secure Messaging Tools for Healthcare

5. Orion Health Amadeus

Amadeus Direct Secure Messaging solution is a DirectTrust, ONC-certified, and HIPAA-compliant platform for sending private internet messages to trusted recipients. All communication is encrypted, auditable, and reportable. Moreover, the platform supports any system that integrates Direct XDR standards. It also lets you send large-volume attachments, which comes in handy when sending public health reporting files or broadcast messages.

6 Best Direct Secure Messaging Tools for Healthcare

6. Surescripts

Surescripts is another HIPAA-compliant direct secure messaging service. It is suitable for use by pharmacies, EHRs, pharmacy benefit managers, and health systems. All you need to do is send the information to Surescripts via a flat file. The platform handles the formatting and transmission to EHRs or other platforms for you. Afterward, Surescripts sends a notification confirming the successful delivery of messages sent.

Key Features of Direct Secure Messaging Service

Enabling Direct Secure Messaging requires following specific standards. First, it should comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and ensure privacy through identity verification. It should use digital certificates and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to encrypt and decrypt data. Providers must also use the 2015 edition certified health IT with Direct to participate in the Medicare programs Promoting Interoperability and Quality Payment.

Some providers may also choose to engage third-party direct secure messaging vendors. You can access this feature through an electronic health record (EHR) system. If you use an EHR, ask the vendor if it includes direct secure messaging since they may not describe their feature as such. 

Benefits of Direct Secure Messaging

Direct secure messaging offers several benefits. The most obvious one is that it enables secure and efficient communication among healthcare entities. Secondly, it helps you comply with the strict standards of HIPAA law and safeguard PHI. Lastly, Direct promotes interoperability or a consistent method for exchanging health information. It follows established standards and ensures seamless message exchange among different healthcare systems.

Send and Receive Secure Direct Messages With iFax

The security and convenience that Direct Secure Messaging for healthcare offers make it an ideal solution for sending and receiving patient information. However, another viable alternative for sending secure messages is through iFax

iFax is a HIPAA-compliant and cost-effective messaging and fax platform that works on any computer or device with access to the Internet. Our cloud service’s internet fax offers numerous advantages over Direct. It also facilitates the easy transition to internet fax from traditional fax, maintaining the familiar workflows and formats you’re used to. 

Best of all, iFax offers the following:

  • Toll-free, local, and vanity numbers
  • Integration with EHR and EMRs
  • Broadcast faxing to unlimited recipients
  • Electronic signature and OCR capabilities
  • Programmable API for high-volume faxing

Experience secure and scalable messaging with iFax. Start your free trial now.

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