Do Law Firms Need To Use Secure Solutions For Sending Documents?

Do Law Firms Need To Use Secure Solutions For Sending Documents?

Law firms are now initiating and powering to exchange documents online with the rise in new data management and with the evolvement of advanced communications technology. Even though it does pave the way to a speedy process of getting the things transmitted while saving money and time both, however, it still involves certain risks.

With online hacks and identity thefts, strict regulations are imposed to check the document sharing and storage, especially in the legal world. However, it still important to thoroughly check the security features of the fax solutions so that the critical information does not fall in the wrong hands.

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Code of Ethics for Lawyers about the exchange of confidential information:

The Code of Ethics for Lawyers implies that all legal professionals need to ensure that the sensitive data and confidential information is safeguarded by the chosen online fax solution and cannot be accessed or intercepted by any unauthorized personnel. This also means that even the documents that are sent or uploaded directly from any cloud storage or cloud account.

In other words, lawyers are required to perform stringent checks before picking up the right cloud-based fax service provider to make sure that they have proper security features enabled and taking proper precaution to avoid any mishaps regarding the security of the data being exchanged.

Security Measures While Sending Legal Documents:

We have listed here a few of the security measure steps for lawyers to implement and safeguard the exchange of documents or files. These are recommended by many authorized and regulatory bodies.

If your primary fax solution includes a cloud storage facility, then it is recommended to at least have one account operation facility based in your country of origin. It is a general practice with cloud service providers to use many facilities located in different regions to provide better service with optimum uptime in case of any issues like a natural disaster.

Moreover, it is the best practice for law firms to let their clients know beforehand that they are using a cloud-based file transfer solution. This creates a positive impression as you would taking pre-approval from your clients which more often than not will result in establishing good credibility among clients. Additionally, keeping a backup copy of sensitive documents stored in the cloud is advisable in the event of system downtime or dispute with the service provider.

How can lawyers choose the best and secure online file exchange software?

As there are many online fax solution providers, legal professional often get confused between whom to choose to send and receive files online. Most of the claim but aren’t efficient in providing robust data protection and privacy features.

For e.g, ISO 27001 is a model and standard for information security. It also serves as the benchmark for protecting sensitive & confidential information. It is a standard created to look after over other legal requirements & rules. From time to time, it also ensures that security information is updated. This is quite critical to follow as there are lots of things changing in terms of cyber security and cyber threats.


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