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What Is Hybrid Faxing and Its Benefits for Businesses?

Hybrid faxing goes beyond streamlining operations and enhancing security. It’s about creating a more connected and efficient organization that caters to the growing needs of a business. It allows for easier access to critical documents, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of lost or misplaced paperwork.

This article dives into the critical aspects of hybrid faxing and how your business can benefit from this innovative fax solution.

What Is Hybrid Faxing and Its Benefits for Businesses?

What Is Hybrid Faxing?

Hybrid fax solutions combine the functionality of on-premise faxing with cloud faxing. Usually, it works by installing and running fax software on a local server within an organization’s premises. At the same time, it utilizes cloud fax technology for fax transmissions.

Another thing to note is that hybrid faxing stores faxes in a local database instead of the cloud. Such a method provides organizations with better control and security over sensitive documents while leveraging the accessibility and scalability that cloud faxing offers. This dual approach saves them time and money compared to traditional faxing options.

Benefits of Hybrid Faxing

Hybrid faxing combines the best of traditional and digital communication methods, offering several key benefits for professionals and businesses alike:


Hybrid faxing can significantly reduce upfront costs for organizations by eliminating the need for telephone connections and fax machine setups. Its combined approach eliminates the hidden costs of traditional faxing.

Storing data on-premise also costs less than paying for long-term cloud storage. There’s also no need to hire additional staff (e.g., file clerks) to oversee the security of documents stored in office cabinets and file rooms.

What Is Hybrid Faxing and Its Benefits for Businesses?


Hybrid faxing offers better protection and control over faxes, as you can modify hardware systems freely to enhance security measures further. Compared to traditional faxing, where your options to control and manage access are limited, hybrid faxing provides the flexibility to incorporate additional layers of security. 

The hybrid approach ensures maximum protection for sensitive data, guarding against unauthorized access and potential theft. Additionally, it offers a robust failover solution in case of connection issues or network outages, guaranteeing uninterrupted access to critical data.


Hybrid faxing liberates you from the physical constraints of traditional faxing, allowing you to send and receive faxes from virtually anywhere. You don’t need a fax machine, printer, or landline. You can fax on the go and effortlessly streamline the way you store, manage, and transmit faxes.

This convenience extends to the ability to access faxed documents remotely, ensuring that important information is always at your fingertips, regardless if you’re travelling or working in the office.


Hybrid faxing dramatically reduces the need for paper and ink, which assists businesses in minimizing their environmental footprint. Ceasing the use of traditional fax machines also contributes to sustainability efforts by reducing electronic waste and lowering energy consumption.

This commitment to eco-friendly practices aligns hybrid faxing with the growing concerns about environmental impact while offering the added benefit of cost savings through reduced paper and energy expenses.


Faxing documents in a hybrid setup allows for effortlessly scaling depending on your organization or company’s needs. Not only does this help you meet growing demands, but it also aligns your faxing infrastructure with the dynamic nature of modern businesses.

Having the freedom to scale anytime allows your organization to handle unexpected changes and quickly adapt to fluctuations in fax volumes. Doing so helps avoid workflow disruptions without the need for significant investments (i.e., new machines and additional phone lines).

What Is Hybrid Faxing and Its Benefits for Businesses?

How Hybrid Faxing Works

The central concept behind hybrid faxing is combining on-premise fax software with cloud fax technology. The fax software resides on-premise, while the actual transmissions go through a cloud fax service. 

For instance, a company may set up an on-premise fax server for sending and receiving faxes within its organization. However, when faxing documents outside the company, the fax server automatically connects to a cloud fax service provider to handle the transmission. This seamless integration between on-premise fax software and cloud faxing allows flexibility and scalability without compromising security.

Hybrid Faxing Done Right With iFax

Redefine your communication experience while ensuring optimum efficiency and versatility in your administrative processes. iFax combines the convenience of digital faxing with the reliability of on-premise document management. You can say goodbye to paper-based workflows and enjoy the ease of sending and receiving faxes directly from your computer.

Best of all, iFax seamlessly integrates with your existing on-premise systems, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of migrating or transferring documents. Our developer-friendly API and no-code app integration features can be easily configured and customized to meet your business needs.

Contact our sales specialists today to learn more about what iFax can do.

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Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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