centricity vs praxis emr

Centricity vs Praxis EMR Comparison

The difference between Centricity and Praxis EMR lies in their approach to charting and usability. While Centricity EMR provides a user-friendly interface and customizable templates, Praxis EMR stands out for its AI-powered and template-free charting capabilities.

Centricity vs Praxis EMR Comparison

Introduction to Centricity and Praxis EMR

What Is Centricity EMR?

Centricity EMR is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) system from GE Healthcare. It integrates practice management and patient portal tools. In 2015, GE Healthcare phased out Centricity EMR Enterprise for hospitals to focus on Centricity ambulatory EMR and practice management. In 2018, Centricity EMR and Centricity practice management were sold to Virence Health, which later merged with Athenahealth. This comparison focuses on Centricity ambulatory EMR.

What Is Praxis EMR?

Praxis EMR is an AI-powered EMR that is compatible with VMWare servers, cloud hosting, and traditional server setups. The artificial intelligence and Concept Process features enable the platform to learn directly from users and work faster the more it is used. The platform also integrates telehealth, billing, e-prescriptions, lab orders, and patient portal features.

Centricity vs Praxis EMR Comparison

Centricity and Praxis EMR Comparison

How the EMR works

Praxis EMR uses artificial intelligence and Concept Processes to help physicians in their charting without needing templates. Since doctors and staff handle the same diagnosis or situation differently, Praxis EMR “learns” the specific person’s style in handling cases. It captures the person’s approach to a case and applies that to similar situations. 

Centricity EMR is accessed over the web. It helps physicians document and track patient demographics using electronic forms and templates. Moreover, it allows healthcare providers to exchange health data securely. Combined with Centricity practice management tools, Centricity EMR allows physicians to compare clinical outcomes and manage their data. 

Navigation and layout

Centricity EMR is easy to use. The dashboard shows doctors’ appointment schedules. Upon clicking a patient name, they can see patient records, lab results, and discharge summaries. They can also exchange messages with other care staff and providers through the platform. Meanwhile, Praxis EMR improves on the navigation features of most EMRs. You don’t have to change screens and go to different places to access each function.

Integration with other systems

Praxis EMR integrates with other medical systems and networks that a provider needs. It can connect with laboratories, billing, HIEs, pharmacies, and patient demographics systems. Centricity offers similar integrations with laboratories, pharmacies, billing, HIE, and patient demographics.

Mobile readiness

Praxis EMR is accessible on computers and mobile devices. You can use it anywhere through a tablet, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Meanwhile, Centricity EMR enabled mobile access for its product in 2011. Physicians can access Centricity EMR and practice solution features on an iPhone or iPad.

Customer support and training

Praxis EMR offers customer support through the Praxis Customer Support Portal. Users can submit a ticket, connect to live chat or phone, visit an online forum, search the knowledgebase, or find troubleshooting tips on the portal. In addition, the EMR provides individual provider training, setup and installation, and staff instruction.

Centricity EMR currently offers training and support through third-party vendors. Demonstration videos are also available on YouTube.

Centricity vs Praxis EMR Comparison

Price and Free Version

Praxis EMR’s price isn’t available on its website, but Capterra says it costs $259 monthly. Users will need to purchase provider licenses, which include support and 20-hour initial training for all users for the first year of subscription. Moreover, upgrading to the latest version is free. The platform doesn’t offer a free version, but customers can request a demo. They can also request additional training in using the platform.

Centricity EMR’s price is only available upon request. Subscribers can request third-party consultants to implement the system and train users in their healthcare organizations. 

Which Is The Better EMR: Centricity Versus Praxis EMR

Centricity EMR is one of the trusted EMRs for ambulatory settings. Smooth and user-friendly, the platform makes an excellent choice for medical practices. However, since Athenahealth already acquired the EMR system from GE HealthCare, there’s no clear information on whether it is still possible to purchase Centricity. Also, this acquisition has prompted many clients to explore alternative options, such as Praxis EMR.

Based on user reviews, Praxis EMR appears to be one of the best electronic medical records systems a healthcare organization could implement. Its adaptive learning technology sets it apart from other EMRs and practice management software.

The platform significantly improves patient charting by leveraging AI and its Concept Process feature. Physicians can finally opt out of using templates, making documentation more efficient. Also, the more someone uses it, the more it learns and improves. 

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