experity vs raintree emr

Experity vs Raintree EMR Comparison

The main difference between Experity and Raintree is their target users. Experity primarily caters to urgent care establishments that provide on-demand healthcare in a community. Raintree targets therapists and rehab centers across various specialties. 

Here’s a detailed Experity vs Raintree EMR comparison. 

Experity vs Raintree EMR Comparison

Introduction to Experity and Raintree EMR Systems

What Is Experity EMR?

Experity EMR is built for urgent care practices to meet and automate their specific workflow. The team behind the software understands that urgent care differs from other healthcare practices. Speed, accuracy, and efficiency are required to serve as many patients as quickly as possible. It combines DocuTap and Practice Velocity, two robust solutions for on-demand healthcare practices.

The EMR can register patients in less than 2 minutes and chart 80% of common visits in less than 60 seconds. If transitioning from an existing EMR system, they can get you onboarded in as little as two weeks. Their solution includes EMR, Billing and Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Engagement, Teleradiology, and access to industry experts. 

Experity vs Raintree EMR Comparison

What Is Raintree EMR?

Raintree EMR is built for practices in the therapy and rehab space. They offer an all-in-one electronic medical records solution and, at the same time, handle revenue cycle management and patient engagement. This helps automate workflows, increase collections, and improve patient care.

You also get access to business intelligence with built-in KPIs so you can gauge where your business stands. Your patients also get a patient portal where they can schedule new appointments, manage online payments, and view their medical records. You can also include follow-up instructions so patients remain engaged throughout their treatment.

Features and Functionality Comparison for Raintree and Experity

User experience

Practitioners find Experity very user-friendly, allowing them to track patients and visits easily. DocuTap has been a popular urgent care EMR because of its quick charting, and this functionality transfers to Experity. Unlike other systems, there are not a lot of double-charting incidents, and it’s easy to populate notes. The solution also looks simplistic without many unnecessary tools. Yet, it’s sufficient for the needs of a busy urgent care practice.

Raintree has an intuitive interface suitable for non-techie staff already busy with actual patient care. A slight learning curve is involved, but once a therapist gets the hang of the system, it’s easy to use. There are also time-saving features like commonly used phrases, evaluation templates, and frequently used goals. Its system flow has also been tailored to mirror the typical therapy settings.


Experity has a lot of hidden functions that aren’t enabled by default but are available if you need them. Using these features makes your Experity solution more powerful and helpful. For instance, there’s the CME (Coding Made Easy) tool, which you can use to set rules to scrub your claims and eliminate errors. With this feature, you can save time re-filing claims and making appeals. 

Raintree uses low-code technology to provide you with unlimited growth opportunities. Users can use configurable tools, workflows, and features to define and build customized application logic. This allows clients to create solutions that are optimized by specialty. You can also white-label the platform to appear as part of your company or brand.

Integration features

Experity supports integration with patient queuing and other online scheduling systems, e-prescribing, lab integration, coding automation, SMS messaging, and payment processing. The EMR interface also integrates seamlessly with PM (practice management) solutions.

Raintree offers several integrations with various tools, such as a payment processing solution, a practice management platform, and a revenue cycle platform. Although they already offer these features, if you have an existing one handling these aspects of your practice, then Raintree can integrate with them. 

Training and support

Experity hosts ongoing in-person and virtual training where you can learn about its robust features. They also have a friendly and always available support team ready to help troubleshoot issues and maximize your use of the system. To expand your product knowledge, you can also access multiple webinars, eBooks, guides, and on-demand videos. 

Raintree is committed to providing stellar customer support based on their Support & Maintenance Agreement. They categorize incidents per severity (Low, Medium, High, Critical) and use this to determine the appropriate cause of action. Users will always have unlimited access to the customer support center, including user group forums and an e-learning course library.

Security and Compliance

Like other HIPAA-compliant EHR solutions, Experity observes HIPAA compliance and will sign a BAA with your organization. They also use the latest encryption methods to keep your data secure. 

Raintree provides encrypted security controls, audits, and sophisticated reporting capabilities. 

Experity vs Raintree EMR Comparison

Pricing and Cost Comparison

Experity doesn’t advertise its pricing, not even on its website. You must contact the EMR provider’s sales team to learn about their plans. They will create a customized option that bundles the features your practice needs. No free trials or free versions are available, but you can always request a free demo to discover if their features are suitable for your practice. 

Similar to Experity, Raintree offers customized pricing. A sales expert will assess your practice and recommend the best bundle for your needs. Most users find that Raintree provides excellent value for money. 

Experity vs Raintree? Which Is the Better EMR?

When deciding between Experity versus Raintree EMR, assess your organization’s needs first. Both solutions have the typical features of an EMR solution, like online scheduling, patient intake, revenue collection, and patient engagement. However, their specific flows vary since they target different users.

Experity is ideal for urgent-care practices that need to see as many patients as possible. Their charting templates were created so you can duplicate them with the most common symptoms. Meanwhile, Raintree suits therapists with added features that make running a therapy and rehab practice more productive and efficient.

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