Allscripts EHR System Overview: Features, Pricing, Free Demo

Allscripts EHR System Overview: Features, Pricing, Free Demo

Allscripts EHR has a long history of providing electronic solutions for healthcare providers. Since 1986, the company has gone through many mergers and acquisitions to come up with better products and services. 

Now, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions is officially known as Veradigm, positioning the brand as an interoperable system that can provide actionable insights using measurable data.

Allscripts EHR System Overview: Features, Pricing, Free Demo

What Is Allscripts EHR?

Allscripts offers a complete application suite of solutions that support clinicians with workflows, access charts, patient digital records, and more. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve search results. It’s recognized for its user-centered design best practices and has been used by various healthcare providers, from clinics, emergency rooms, lab systems, and others.

It has a dedicated solution, called Allscripts Pro EHR, built for small to medium-sized practices that’s relatively simpler than more robust Allscripts products. It has easy-to-edit templates that help clinicians with patient visits, diagnoses, and other patient experiences. Its intuitive and straightforward interface connects various payers, pharmacies, and physicians.

For large clinical enterprises, it offers Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Manager. It’s the most extensive and robust Allscripts EHR platform that can handle clinical and financial data. It also has modules designed to work with specific hospital functions such as pharmacy, emergency, radiology, acute care, anesthesia, and more. Since it’s modular, general and specialized healthcare providers can choose the modules they need for their practice.

With the rebrand to Veradigm, Allscripts EHR now becomes Veradigm EHR and Practice Fusion EHR. Both provide an easy-to-use EHR system for practices of all sizes. Veradigm EHR is an ambulatory EHR platform for busy provider practices. Meanwhile, Practice Fusion EHR is designed for independent practices. 

AllscriptsHealth EHR Software Features

The following are the features of Veradigm EHR:

  • Easy documentation and visit templates that can be populated based on patients’ previous visits
  • Smart lists based on the ordering habits of providers and practices to learn what’s mostly ordered for specific diagnoses
  • HCC (hierarchical condition category) Alerts that will remind providers to document annual or bi-annual HCC-weighted chronic conditions
  • RAF and Risk Score based on documentation found on EHR
  • Care plans and goals that support users in creating, defining, and tracking patient-specific care plans
  • Integrated telehealth to engage patients in real-time video clinical consultations
  • Veradigm EHR Mobile, which lets you check next-day schedules and messages even outside the office
Allscripts EHR System Overview: Features, Pricing, Free Demo

Practice Fusion has the following features:

  • Customized chart notes based on your workflows
  • Library of medical charting templates
  • Patient information summary to see everything at a glance
  • Convenient electronic prescriptions that connect with various pharmacies nationwide
  • Connection with over 500 lab and imaging centers
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Expert support and extensive educational training materials

How Does the Allscripts EHR Work

Veradigm EHR adapts to your internal workflow so you can create efficient systems that help you deliver the best patient care possible. You can use one-click templates to document patient visits or duplicate previous visits for effortless documentation.

Since it’s the same (but better) Allscripts Professional EHR, you also get access to an open integration with other healthcare solutions. You can send Physician Quality Reporting System submissions (PQRS), which are already pre-validated for PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Homes) or FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Centers).

Practice Fusion doesn’t require any downloadable software because it’s entirely cloud-based. It has a free patient portal to book appointments and complete customizable intake forms. With the data at hand, you can provide better care during their visits and track multiple indicators to know which patients need follow-ups.

Patients can also schedule their next appointment within the EHR system and view their health records. You also get periodic updates to ensure your EHR system uses the latest technology and keeps up with the changing healthcare environment.

Allscripts EHR Pricing

Veradigm EHR has custom pricing, so you have to reach out to them to get a quote for your needs. Practice Fusion costs $149 per provider monthly, but you need an annual commitment. They offer a risk-free trial period where you don’t have to provide a credit card.

Both solutions have friendly sales teams who will guide you in estimating the costs of your EHR system. 

Allscripts EHR System Overview: Features, Pricing, Free Demo

Use Cases for Allscripts EHR System

Allscripts EHR answered the needs of individual and enterprise practices alike. With the shift to Veradigm, the well-loved brand continues to deliver the same cost-efficient and inclusive solution.

Individual practices can use Practice Fusion, which comes with everything a modern practice needs. These are ePrescribe for regular and controlled substances, sign charts, report for MIPS, submission of medical claims, and other EHR-related tasks.

Meanwhile, Veradigm EHR is useful for independent physician practices that need advanced EHR capabilities. It combines clinical, operations, financial, and wellness solutions in one intuitive and comprehensive platform. It helps meet the complex regulatory requirements so you can cost-effectively provide high-quality care.

Finding the Right EHR for Your Practice

With the rebrand to Veradigm, Allscripts EHR brings its tried-and-tested EHR system to a better and more modern platform. The move focuses on interoperability so your EHR system doesn’t function as a stand-alone product but as an integral part of a cohesive system.

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