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RevolutionEHR Software Overview: Pricing, Features, and More

Small and big optometry practices alike can benefit from a platform like RevolutionEHR. The software unburdens you from administrative tasks, boosting efficiency and patient care. 

Learn more about Revolution EHR and whether it has the features suited for optometry practice management.

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What Is RevolutionEHR?

RevolutionEHR is a cloud-based electronic health record system (EHR) and practice management software for optometry practices. It provides charting, billing, document management, scheduling, e-prescription, inventory, order, and claims submission features in one platform.

The EHR software suits practices of any size. It suits single-location and multi-site clinics, new practices, colleges, corporate, and specialty clinics. Most reviews praise its reliable customer support, while others applaud its user-friendly and responsive platform.

RevolutionHealth EHR Software Features


RevolutionEHR provides flexible and simple charting features. It allows you to tailor the medical exam process based on your workflow and helps you easily access a patient’s eye health history. Data you entered in previous tests are automatically included in patient charts, fast-tracking the data entry process.

Document management 

RevolutionEHR software manages your documents so you can do away with paper-based files. It provides an intuitive data entry platform, automatically organizing your data in its system. You can also upload documents and images into the software to quickly find them on the next patient visit. Moreover, the platform offers customizable templates for accounting, patient data, scheduling, optical/inventory, marketing, and sales.

Drawing tool 

Do you need to annotate or draw on an image? RevolutionEHR lets you draw on an image that you saved in its system. The draw tool enables you to select different parts of the eye (anterior, posterior, retina, cornea, optic disc) or choose the whole face. You can crop, filter, mark up, draw, choose a preset or custom color, resize, adjust saturation, or change the description.

RevolutionEHR Software Overview: Pricing, Features, and More

Orders and optical Rx creation

RevolutionEHR allows you to place orders for eyewear products and create optical prescriptions from within the patient file. Once you open the patient charts, select Add Medication Rx. You can then input the drug name and click search to select the right medication.

The platform manages and tracks the inventory of eyewear products within your practice, monitoring their availability. It also offers bar code scanning, label printing, product catalog, order status tracking, and contact lens parameter validation.

Claims and billing

You can customize triggers related to Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes in RevolutionEHR. When submitting a claim, enter these CPT codes to ensure accurate coding and billing. Moreover, RevolutionEHR allows you to quickly create invoices without the need for separate superbills.

Scheduling and calendar

RevolutionEHR helps you stay on top of your schedule. You can select how to view your schedule. For instance, you can view your schedule vertically in 30-minute increments. You can also view the patient list, waitlist, and appointment slots from the calendar. The platform marks new patients and shows which appointments are confirmed, those with insurance verified, or have already started. Moreover, you can print the day’s schedule and patient information sheets. 

Patient Portal

The RevolutionEHR patient portal allows secure patient access to personal health files. Your patients can quickly access their medical history, send secure messages, view their order status, check their account balance, book appointments, and verify their next appointment schedule. Patients can access this portal on tablets, Mac devices, or PCs.


RevolutionEHR integrates with various third-party platforms to help your optometry practice. It connects with the VisionWeb ordering platform, Frames Data database, EyeDock contact lens database, and VSP Billing Estimator.


RevolutionEHR is 2015 Cures Update ONC-ACB Certified. This means that the platform has been certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC)- Authorized Certification Body (ACB) to ensure it meets the criteria for EHR systems. It is also a HIPAA-compliant platform, using SHA-256 encryption and offering a RevolutionEHR business associate agreement (BAA).

RevolutionEHR Software Overview: Pricing, Features, and More

How Does RevolutionEHR Work

RevolutionEHR is a cloud-based system that you can access on the web. You don’t need physical or on-premise hardware to access its features. Once you subscribe to its services, you can enter patient data and use the EHR and practice management platform.

RevolutionEHR Pricing

RevolutionEHR costs a monthly subscription fee starting at $299. The fee is based on the number of doctors in your clinic. Once you subscribe, you and your staff have unlimited access to the EHR, including those in different locations and on all devices. It’s best to talk to the RevolutionEHR team so they can customize a quote based on your requirements.

Getting Started With RevolutionEHR

Requesting a platform demo is the best way to get acquainted with RevolutionEHR. You can also ask its staff questions about the platform’s features and pricing. Once you decide to move forward, you can start subscribing to one of its fixed monthly plans.

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