hipaa-compliant workspace solutions

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Workspace Solutions

Remote work has always been an option for healthcare practitioners, more so after the 2020 pandemic. Today, technology has enabled doctors and administrative staff to enjoy the work-life balance remote work brings.

Enabling this transition are HIPAA-compliant workspace solutions. These solutions ensure you don’t violate HIPAA laws in favor of convenience and comfort. 

Importance of a HIPAA-Compliant Workspace

Healthcare organizations constantly handle sensitive patient information, and remote work increases the risk of accidental disclosure and breaches. Using HIPAA-compliant workspace platforms increases work efficiency while ensuring patient data privacy.

You also avoid any accidental breach of HIPAA rules, which can lead to hefty fines and penalties for your organization. Furthermore, the health industry is a frequent target of data breaches, and remote work exposes numerous attack points. Using HIPAA-compliant solutions will protect against these attacks.

Consider the following solutions when setting up a HIPAA-compliant workspace:

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Workspace Solutions

1. iFax

Best for secure faxing and messaging

One of the most essential HIPAA-compliant workspace software is a secure faxing solution. iFax is a HIPAA-compliant communication solution that lets you fax documents, make calls, and send text messages. It uses advanced encryption technology to ensure maximum security for your communications, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access. iFax will also sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), signifying its commitment to maintaining HIPAA compliance.

It has mobile apps for on-the-go faxing and online messaging. You can also integrate its fax capabilities with your EHR system for a more efficient and seamless workflow. 

Key Features:

  • Email to Fax
  • Fax automation
  • Fax broadcasting
  • HIPAA-compliant faxing
  • Local and toll-free fax numbers
  • Integrations via Zapier and API

Pricing: Starts at $8.33 per month, billed annually

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Workspace Solutions

2. Zoom for Healthcare

Best for video collaboration

This tool helps you collaborate with patients and peers to deliver quality care. Zoom rose to prominence as an intuitive and powerful video conferencing tool during the pandemic. Until now, it continues to provide video collaboration solutions for everyone, including the healthcare industry that needs HIPAA-compliant workspace tools. 

It uses a modern architecture that’s secure, reliable, and scalable. You can use Zoom for telehealth, virtual inspections, hosting virtual events and webinars, and conducting group meetings. They’ll also sign a BAA when you choose a paid plan.

Key Features:

  • Video meetings
  • Phone communications
  • Waiting rooms
  • Team chat
  • Share screens
  • Webinars
  • Multiple integrations

Pricing: Starts at $149 per year per user

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Workspace Solutions

3. Monday.com

Best for task management

Monday.com is a leading project management platform that offers seamless collaboration across teams of all sizes and locations. Healthcare organizations can count on them to sign a BAA with their Enterprise plan and help configure accounts for maximum security. 

They offer individual and team dashboards so everyone can stay on top of their tasks and be updated about the progress of specific projects. Monday.com also provides flexibility since you can customize its platform to work as a Kanban board, Gantt chart, and other popular task management setups. 

Key Features:

  • Visual boards with multiple views
  • Beautiful and comprehensive dashboards
  • Integrations with various apps
  • Automation rules
  • Monday.com apps for enhanced workflow
  • Document editing

Pricing: Custom pricing for Enterprise plan

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Workspace Solutions

4. NordVPN

Best for privacy network

Remote working increases the risk of exposing your IP address whenever you connect to the internet. VPNs give you secure remote access to EHR portals by encrypting the internet connection so cybercriminals can’t easily trace your online movements. That’s exactly what NordVPN does.

The reputable VPN provider offers blazing speeds and unlimited secure bandwidths. It has over 5000 servers worldwide, so there’s always an available connection each time you log in. It’s easy to set up, so even non-technical users can quickly install and use it.

NordVPN also offers a password manager, which you can use to store and manage all your online passwords, and a data breach scanner. It will monitor the dark web and notify you if your data gets compromised in a third-party breach.

Key Features:

  • High-speed VPN
  • Malware protection
  • Data breach scanner
  • Tracker and ad blocker
  • Cross-platform password manager
  • Next-generation file encryption

Pricing: Starts at $3.39 per month

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Workspace Solutions

5. Dropbox

Best for cloud storage

Dropbox is an easy-to-use and comprehensive cloud storage solution with solid security features. It implements two-step verification, TLS encryption, single-sign-on (SSO), and ISO 27001 and SOC 2 security standards. 

It’s also affordable and can be synced effortlessly to your computer for offline access. You can use it as a team and enjoy collaboration features like PDF editing, track file engagement, and more. 

Key Features:

  • Large file delivery
  • Signature requests
  • Scalable cloud storage
  • Compliance tracking
  • Admin and team access

Pricing: Starts at $20 per user per month

Key Features of HIPAA-Compliant Workspace Solutions

When considering a solution, you should look for the following features to ensure workspace HIPAA compliance:

  • Access Controls: Unique user IDs must be assigned to every staff member who will access the solution. Look for Role-Based Access Controls that can be configured so staff can only access the information needed for their job responsibilities.
  • Data Encryption: Data stored and in transit must be protected by the latest encryption techniques.
  • Signed BAA: The workspace platform provider must sign a BAA with you as one of the prerequisites of HIPAA compliance.
  • Audit trails: Activities must be monitored regularly and tracked so it’s easy to detect suspicious or unusual behaviors.
  • Data backups: There must be regular backup procedures to ensure data integrity and availability, even during system failures.

Safeguarding Patient Data With HIPAA-Compliant Workspaces

HIPAA compliance is a security and privacy requirement protecting healthcare organizations and patients. Using HIPAA-compliant tools enables you to work efficiently without fear of compromising patient confidentiality or breaking laws. 

Check out one of these workspace solutions today and start completing tasks with peace of mind.

Kent Cañas

Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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