5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Scanning Apps and Solutions

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Scanning Apps and Solutions

Scanning apps and services are one of the most helpful conveniences for healthcare providers. However, finding HIPAA-compliant scanning apps can be a challenge. Most popular options do not comply with data privacy laws in healthcare. 

Fret not, as this list features the best and most available HIPAA-compliant scanner apps, software, and services to help you follow healthcare regulations.

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Scanning Apps and Solutions

1. EncryptScan

EncryptScan is a HIPAA-compliant scanner app for Android and iOS devices. Scanned images are only accessible on EncryptScan, ensuring sensitive data remains protected. The mobile app helps you scan e-documents, use digital signatures, customize e-forms, and send documents quickly to patients and other providers. Best of all, you can use it offline. 

The app comes quite in handy when you have a handful of documents that you need to scan quickly.


  • Biometric authentication and local encryption
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Rotate, crop, and apply filters
  • Secure cloud web portal
  • Audit trails and role-based permissions
  • Compatible with EHR and EMR systems
  • 14-day free trial
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Scanning Apps and Solutions

2. Tebra Mobile

Tebra is the combined platform of Kareo and Patient Pop, offering full-featured electronic health record (EHR) software. It provides an EHR mobile app for iPad and iPhone, which doubles as a HIPAA-compliant scanning application. The mobile version allows you to manage, upload, and capture documents using a device like a smartphone. You can use it to access and update your calendar, manage patients, and send messages.


  • Capture and upload documents
  • Annotate images
  • Attach documents to medical records stored in Tebra
  • Free for Tebra EHR subscribers
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Scanning Apps and Solutions

3. PatientCollector by Inuvio

PatientCollector is a HIPAA-compliant scan software that works with any TWAIN-compliant scanner. It helps you digitize medical records through a browser-based service. The software also allows you to extract data accurately and use modern APIs to send the information to EHRs and practice management platforms. To help you find information easily, it organizes scanned and extracted data into different segments.


  • Integrates with EHRs like AthenaHealth and DrChrono
  • Browser-based scanner
  • Data extraction
  • Pay monthly per provider
  • Works with Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, and Safari
  • Automatically reads ID and insurance card data
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Scanning Apps and Solutions

4. Arc

Arc is a HIPAA-compliant scanning service that digitizes your patient’s paper medical records. Unlike the scanning apps mentioned above, this service requires sending your documents for barcoding and processing in a HIPAA-compliant facility. Once sent, the scanned images undergo encryption and quality checking while the hard copies are returned or prepared for certified destruction. This scan service is best for medical facilities handling documents in large volumes.


  • 140 scanning facilities in the U.S. and Canada
  • Scans high volume/complex documents of almost any type
  • SOC 2 and SOC 3 compliant
  • Optional indexing, OCR, shredding, uploading, and data on DVD/hard drive services
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Scanning Apps and Solutions

5. SecureScan

SecureScan has been a HIPAA-compliant scanning service for over 20 years. Like Arc, it allows you to convert paper medical records into searchable electronic files. Your documents, such as patient charts and lab results, can then be organized into a practice management or EHR system. 


  • High-resolution scanning
  • Image enhancement
  • Transportation to and from the SecureScan facility
  • Extracts unique identifiers from documents to create a searchable digital catalog
  • Offers a cloud-based document management platform
  • Priced per box

Why You Should Use HIPAA-Compliant Scanning Solutions

A scanning solution that follows HIPAA regulations enables you to serve patients better while complying with federal law. Patients have the right to access their protected health information. More importantly, they expect that healthcare providers keep their information private, secure, and confidential. 

HIPAA-compliant scanning solutions offer security features that help reduce the risk of data breaches. While many popular, user-friendly, and free scanning apps exist, their security features don’t meet stringent security and privacy laws.

Choosing a HIPAA-Compliant Scanner App: Tips

When choosing scanner apps and services, you should always look for the following:

Security features

Scanning apps and software should be able to provide strong security features. These include authentication mechanisms, robust encryption methods, audit logs, data loss and recovery mechanisms, HIPAA-compliant data centers, and secure payment methods. 

Meanwhile, scanning services should ensure that documents can be securely transported to HIPAA-compliant physical facilities. Their employees should also understand and comply with the best privacy and security practices.

Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

Many popular scanning apps failed to make the cut because they do not offer to sign a BAA. The Department of Health and Human Services requires apps and services that access and process protected health information (PHI) to enter into a business associate agreement with healthcare providers. 

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