Internet Fax Services

The online market nowadays is flooded with too many internet fax services. Even there are ready platforms where you can compare top online fax solutions. But rather getting into the nitty-gritty of the online fax world, let us focus on the elements that could lend you with a decent online fax service without having to go through much trouble of lengthy registration process or complex installation or of course no surprise cost associated.

We would recommend you to first of all not check the services, features or functionalities of the online available fax services as there would be a huge list that you’ll need to sort out. The best method to approach this is to first of all draft all the requirements pertaining to your business. Determine whether your fax usage bounds you to have a free international fax number, unlimited inbound or outbound fax limit, simple fax application with basic features, cost per page, lowest fax pricing plan, etc. If you are a solopreneur, startup entrepreneur or small business owner then you might counter think to rely only on free internet fax services and move on with some other company when the trial offer ends. This could work only if you have too much time to constantly shift to a new fax service every week or fortnight. More importantly, it would take away your energy to get accustomed to a new fax application every time, not to mention that all fax services do not offer all the features and functionalities. Here is a thumb rule that everyone should remember is that there is no such thing as a ‘free’. 

Most of these online web fax or mobile fax applications offer a free trial period for you to get familiar with their fax software. However, an average user does end up with hidden charges at the end of the trial period or worst, their services are continued without their knowledge. Therefore, the best we would suggest going with is a fax application that not only offers a free trial but also is equipped with cutting-edge features, no hidden charges, free fax number and also it should suffice all your faxing needs. 

The most important question is where to find such a reliable and trustworthy free internet fax service? The only name strikes to mind in such a situation is iFax – World’s #1 best online fax service. iFax lets you use fax services using your smartphone, tablet or computer making it your business’s necessary tool for all the faxing solutions. With HIPAA & GLBA compliant, iFax allows your employees to securely start sending and receiving faxes online instantly from anywhere. With iFax online fax service, not only the setup process is simple and handy but also your business can get rid of the conventional fax machine and other related accessories such as fixed phone lines, re-ordering ink, toner, and paper, etc.

With iFax you get customizable cover page template options, integrated document scanner and supports all major image formats. All your faxes are automatically saved and your office staff can easily connect to the cloud storage platform and upload from web, email or desktop computers. iFax can provide your organization with complete protection and peace of mind if any such e-discovery requests arise from your client.


The iFax app is the best fax service online available on 5 major platforms i.e, iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, and WebApp. It’s presence spanned across 17 countries and already comes equipped with a state-of-the-art integrated document scanner. Additionally, it features fax image editing with automated fax image optimization. With annotate PDFs, fill forms, and adding a digital signature – iFax comes as a clear winner when it comes to the pool of companies offering online fax services. Try the iFax app today to send free online faxes from your smartphone.

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