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Is Smartsheet HIPAA Compliant?

With workflow automation, organizations and their employees take less time and effort managing simple to complex tasks. Of course, doing so is possible with the help of tools like Smartsheet intended for automating processes. 

Still, despite its apparent advantages, you must take heed of potential limitations and challenges. One particular aspect you should look into is HIPAA compliance. Asking, “Is Smartsheet HIPAA compliant?” is crucial, especially if you’re in an industry that frequently deals with sensitive health documents.

Is Smartsheet HIPAA Compliant?

The Role of Efficient Document Management in Healthcare

Having the capability to manage healthcare documents efficiently is as crucial as providing cost-effective and accessible patient care. After all, information plays a core role in enabling healthcare providers to make timely and informed decisions. 

The need for accurate and consistent details in a healthcare setting can significantly impact the quality of care. Inconsistent or erroneous data could lead to fatal consequences. There’s also a higher risk of breaches, compromising the security and privacy of protected health information and personally identifiable information

Tools like Smartsheet, which helps streamline processes, can improve workflow efficiency and accuracy. Utilizing such platforms also allows for better control over patient data management, keeping those without consent from accessing or disclosing sensitive files.

is smartsheet hipaa compliant

Is Smartsheet HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, Smartsheet is HIPAA-compliant. It enables users to access, share, and keep protected health information (PHI). The collaboration and project management platform also employs privacy and security measures to meet HIPAA requirements, including 256-bit AES encryption, audit trails, and role-based user access.

After creating an account, users can access the Smartsheet HIPAA Implementation Guide, which contains information on how to set up the platform properly to ensure compliance with HIPAA. Plus, the cloud-based platform supports activity monitoring, access management, and auto-provisioning, a feature granting users access through automated processes. 

More importantly, Smartsheet willingly provides a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) stating its obligations to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of PHI.

Pros of Using Smartsheet in Healthcare

Using Smartsheet for your organizational needs can make your work faster and more efficient. 

Here are some of its notable advantages: 

Better handling of clinical tests

With Smartsheet, you can manage patient tests and procedures even better. It enables you to organize documents, contracts, and timelines all in one place.

Streamlined onboarding process

Through Smartsheet’s onboarding templates, you can streamline your hiring process more effectively. The cloud-based project management and collaboration tool lets you track the progress of your new hires to ensure you’ve acquired all the essential information.

Updated provider credentials

Medical providers can rely on this tool to track and update their physician certifications and licenses. This can help keep your organization’s credentials and insurance data on track and ensure compliance with updated regulations.

Is Smartsheet HIPAA Compliant?

Cons of Using Smartsheet in Healthcare

If there are advantages to using Smartsheet in healthcare, there are also risks that medical providers must consider, such as:

Complex interface and sluggish performance

Some users reportedly experience a challenging and unfamiliar interface with Smartsheet. This can lead to a more sluggish performance or slow response times, especially when dealing with large volumes of data. Its pages also don’t usually update in real time.

Limited integration options

You can only integrate Smartsheet with fewer third-party tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Salesforce, G Suite, and Adobe Creative Cloud as opposed to other cloud-based project management tools. Besides, you’ll need add-ons for time tracking and resource management.

Missing enterprise-grade security for other plans

While Smartsheet boasts high-level data security that complies with HIPAA, its enterprise-grade security features are only available for Business and Enterprise plans, which start at $25. Small practices or those on a tight budget will have to look for cost-effective alternatives.

Alternatives to Smartsheet for Secure Healthcare Management

If you’re looking for Smartsheet alternatives, consider checking out the options below:


One of the popular project management tools among healthcare businesses is Asana. It is HIPAA-compliant and has an easy-to-use interface. It can be a better alternative for smaller and simpler projects.


When it comes to project management tools for agile teams, Jira can be a perfect alternative to Smartsheet. Aside from being HIPAA-compliant, it also comes with a template dedicated to bug tracking for easier tracking and fixing of system issues.


Another well-known project management tool you can depend on is ClickUp. It comes with powerful collaboration and tracking features for your project demands. As a HIPAA-compliant software, it offers BAA and provides encryption for data at rest and in transit.

Choosing the Best HIPAA-Compliant Project Management Tool

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing a HIPAA-compliant project management tool. Setting the costs aside, you must ensure that it employs all the necessary security and technical safeguards to ensure the privacy of PHI. It must also provide a BAA upon request and can seamlessly integrate with your existing system. 

Another crucial factor to consider is whether it is easy enough to navigate. It should be user-friendly enough for your team to get accustomed to, especially those with limited technical knowledge and experience.

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