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Protecting Patient Rights: $15,000 HIPAA Violation Settlement

February 17, 2023

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR), under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, recently announced the settlement of a case involving David Mente, MA, LPC, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based licensed psychotherapy counselor. 

The case centered around a potential violation of the right of access provision of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Mente agreed to pay a $15,000 settlement amount and implement measures to improve compliance with HIPAA regulations.

protecting patients rights hipaa

Investigation Into a Potential Violation

The OCR launched an investigation into Mente’s practices following a complaint filed by a patient who encountered difficulty obtaining medical records. The complaint alleged that Mente had failed to provide timely access to the patient’s records, thus violating HIPAA’s right of access provision. 

The right of access provision gives patients the right to obtain copies of their medical records within 30 days of requesting them.

Overview of OCR’s initiative to improve compliance with the right of access provision

The resolution of this case is part of OCR’s ongoing initiative to improve compliance with HIPAA’s right of access provision. This initiative aims to ensure that individuals have easy and timely access to their health information, empowering them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

The OCR has been actively investigating complaints and taking enforcement actions against covered entities that fail to comply with this provision. This case holds particular significance as it marks the 44th case resolved under OCR’s initiative to enforce the right of access provision.

The increasing number of resolved cases reflects the OCR’s commitment to protecting patient rights regarding health information access and holding covered entities accountable for compliance with HIPAA regulations. Each resolved case serves as a reminder to healthcare providers about the importance of ensuring patient access to their medical records.

Protecting Patient Rights: $15,000 HIPAA Violation Settlement

Resolution Agreement and Requirements

The Resolution Agreement (RA) between the OCR and the involved party is integral to the settlement. It sets out specific requirements to address the HIPAA violation and ensure future compliance. 

These requirements typically include: 

  • Prompt response to access requests
  • Implementation of a corrective action plan (CAP)
  • Training programs and periodic reporting
  • Compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule

The RA aims to protect patient rights, maintain privacy, and establish a framework for ongoing adherence to HIPAA regulations.

Requirements for Mente under the resolution agreement

In the Resolution Agreement (RA) between the OCR and Mente, the counselor agreed to a set of requirements to address the violations and improve compliance. Under these terms, Mente must immediately respond to patient access requests without unreasonable delay. This includes implementing a process to handle access requests promptly and providing patients with copies of their medical records within the legally mandated 30-day timeframe. 

Mente must also develop and implement a corrective action plan to address any identified deficiencies in their compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule. The CAP will help address any underlying issues that may have contributed to the violation. Doing the necessary safeguards to comply with HIPAA Privacy Rule requirements will allow Mente to continue providing professional healthcare services without violating any provisions. 

Protecting Patient Rights: $15,000 HIPAA Violation Settlement

Settlement Amount

Settlement amounts in HIPAA violations hold significant importance as they serve as a deterrent and reinforce the importance of adhering to patient privacy and data security requirements. These financial penalties demonstrate that violations have consequences and aim to prevent future non-compliance. 

The settlement amount reflects the seriousness of the violation, considering factors such as the extent of harm caused, cooperation during the investigation, and efforts to address deficiencies. These payments also contribute to OCR’s ongoing efforts to enforce HIPAA compliance and protect patient rights, benefiting the healthcare community as a whole.

As part of the resolution, Mente agreed to pay the OCR a settlement amount of $15,000. The settlement amount takes into account the nature and extent of the violation and the paying party’s commitment to remediate the deficiencies and improve their compliance practices.

The $15,000 settlement amount is a significant financial consequence for Mente, emphasizing the importance of compliance with the right of access provision. It serves as a reminder to covered entities that failing to provide patients with timely access to their medical records can result in costly financial penalties. By enforcing monetary consequences, the OCR aims to encourage covered entities to prioritize patient rights and diligently adhere to the regulations set by HIPAA.

The Importance of Upholding HIPAA Compliance

The settlement between David Mente and the HHS Office for Civil Rights highlights the significance of respecting patient rights and ensuring HIPAA compliance. Through this resolution, the OCR reinforces its commitment to enforcing the right of access provision and holding covered entities accountable for their actions.

As the 44th resolved case under the initiative, this settlement sends a clear message about the consequences of non-compliance. By implementing corrective measures and paying the $15,000 settlement amount, the paying party acknowledges the need to comply with HIPAA regulations to avoid similar repercussions.

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