How to Send a Fax Online

Sending a fax online should be as easy as sending an email. Using our internet based fax service you can easily send and receive faxes online from your mobile phone or PC as long as you have internet connectivity.

Read below for a Step by Step approach on how to send a fax online.


Send faxes online in a few easy steps.


Step 1:

Firstly go to which is the custom-built iFax web app dashboard. On the dashboard, a templated fax cover page will prompt you to fill out your details.


Step 2:

Simply enter the details that you want to enter with all of the fields being optional besides for the fax number (obviously).


Step 3:

Choose a cover template with the specific design you prefer.



Step 4:

Insert any comments in the comments section and add a digital signature if necessary.


Step 5:

To add an attachment, simply click on the add attachment button and it will give you the options of either scanning in a document using the inbuilt scanner or attaching a document from your files.


Step 5: Click “Send” & That’s it!

Click “Send” and you are done. You will get the notification once the fax has been delivered.


In addition to the web app ifax is available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows so you can download the app and never worry about sending a fax again.

The best bit about faxing online is the security that it provides over traditional forms of communications. Check out this blog about “Is Online Faxing Secure”, where we explain what the advantages are of online faxing.

At iFax we think faxing is awesome, yes it’s a bit old fashioned but we have modernised it and brought into the 21st century. We think faxing is going to stay around for quite a while, so much so that we have invested in creating native apps for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows, besides for the web app at

iFax remains one of the most popular online faxing solutions with over 2 million downloads. iFax is used by individuals and professionals of all ages and stages.

The good news is that you can try it for, yup you heard right, a completely trial where you can try all the features at no risk.

Once a trial ends a user has the option to choose from different packs with prices start from less than 3¢ per page. iFax also offers a custom plan for enterprise users who are looking for a specific need that is not listed on the pricing page.

Integrating faxing into your workflow is really quite simple as you will be able to receive faxes to your email with no technical integration necessary. Simply put online faxing is quite useful and many industries are still using this for all communications with sensitive documentation.

iFax is a leader in the online faxing service and we would be delighted to assist you with any questions you may have.