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iFax common fax broadcasting mistakes
January 18, 2023

5 Common Fax Broadcasting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Level up your fax marketing efforts by avoiding these five common fax broadcasting mistakes. Try iFax for secure and effortless…

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military-grade encryption iFax

Military-Grade Encryption for Secure Online Faxes

Protect your sensitive documents with military-grade encryption when you send online faxes with iFax. Keep your information secure while still…

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fax api use cases ifax

What You Can Do With Fax API: Uses and Benefits

Discover common fax API uses and how your organization can benefit from them. From automations to integrations, iFax offers many…

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Fax Marketing 101 Your Ultimate Guide

Fax Marketing 101: Your Ultimate Guide

Discover insights and strategies to level up your fax marketing efforts with our Ultimate Guide. Then, try iFax for the…

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iFax Fax OCR feature

Fax OCR: Convert Faxes to Computer-Readable Texts

You can use fax OCR technology to scan and transcribe valuable data from documents, forms, and contracts. iFax automates OCR…

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send fax from iPhone

How to Send and Receive Free Fax From an iPhone With iFax

Today's workers typically don't have a fax machine they can use regularly. So, what happens when you need to send…

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How to Send a Free International Fax Online

There are many benefits to using online faxing versus traditional faxing.Among the most significant advantages include phasing out a fax…

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How to Find a Fax Service Near Me

The fax machine was a staple of office culture for over two decades. For a time, these machines were everywhere,…

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medical insurance software

5 Awesome Benefits Of Medical Insurance Software For Hospitals

The global health insurance industry has become a gargantuan force. In 2021, the market size stood at around $2 trillion.…

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