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Perhaps you are searching on Googe on how to find a fax near me and found a few links, but they are not enough. Well, you are in the right place. Searching for fax near me can be cumbersome. We will show you some of the best places near you and a better option where the only thing you need is an internet and a smartphone.

If you prefer to use a physical fax machine, then there are outlets and places in your area you can check. Most of them offer a one-time fax service or pay-per-fax. But just to give you a heads-up, the prices per page range from $1.00 to $7.99 or more.

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Where Can I Fax for Free?
Where Can I Go to Fax a Document?
Final Thoughts

Where Can I Fax for One-Time? No Need to Search for a Fax Near Me

Too lazy to go out or visit the outlets with fax machines nearby? Then, no need to worry. We have a better option for you. Say hello to iFax’s one-time pay-per-fax service. With an online fax service like iFax, you can fax right off the bat on your computer.

Step 1

fax app sign up fax near me

Visit the iFax website and you will see a fax cover sheet. Fill in the details including the subject and comments. You don’t have to create an account in this way.

Step 2


fax near me pay per fax

Upload the document you need to fax by clicking the ‘Add Document.’ Once done, click ‘Send’, and then a confirmation will pop out. Click ‘Continue’ to pay for the service.

Step 3

ifax app pay per fax service one time

Fill in the payment details and pay for only $1.99 only. That’s it! If you have iFax, everything else is possible when sending and receiving faxes especially if it’s just one-time fax. What’s more, once you are done sending, you are not obligated to subscribe to any plan.

However, if you still would like to visit an outlet and use a physical fax machine, then you can check out the following places below.

Where Can I Go to Fax a Document? Find Fax Service Near Me

The fax services available in each location may have varying prices and offers. Here are some of the places you can check if you want to use a fax machine. You don’t need to search for a fax service near me on Google.

Before visiting the store or place, call first and inquire about the rates. Most of them charge per page, and the prices are steep. So, manage your expectations if you’re going to fax multiple pages.

UPS Store

ups fax near me

UPS (United Parcel Service) Store has over 4,600 stores worldwide, and most of these offer fax services. Check out your neighborhood, and you might find a nearby outlet. If you fax regularly but don’t want to invest in a fax machine, you can use their services for sending and receiving faxes.

Rates start from:

  • $1.00 per page (local) + $1.00 for additional page
  • $2.00 per page (national) + $1.00 for additional page
  • $3.00 per page (overseas) + $3.00 for additional page


fedex fax near me

Most FedEx outlets offer fax services for local, national, and international numbers. You can also send and receive faxes at the nearest outlet. If you have incoming faxes, the FedEx employee can collect them for you until you pick them up. Don’t forget to call the outlet first for the updated prices.

Rates start from:

  • $1.89 per page (local) + $1.59 for additional page
  • $2.49 per page (national) + $2.19 for additional page
  • $5.99 per page (international) + $3.99 for additional page

Office Depot/OfficeMax

office depot fax near me

Visit the nearest Office Depot store and avail of their self-service for faxing services. You can send and receive faxes, and once you’re finished, you will have a receipt of your transaction, which you will show to the Office Depot cashier for payment. The outlets offer varying prices for faxing services.

Rates start from:

  • $1.50 per page (local) + $1.29 for additional page
  • $1.99 per page (national) + $1.79 for additional page
  • $7.99 per page (international) + $3.99 for additional page


hyvee fax near me

HyVee has over 240 retail stores in eight states in the Midwest, including Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Missouri. According to its website, it charges $2.00 per page and $1.00 for the subsequent pages. Keep in mind that the prices vary in other retail stores.

There are no specific rates for local, national, and international fax numbers. So, better call or visit the nearest grocery store to know more.


staples fax near me

Staples offers an Office-on-the-Go service that lets you scan, print, copy, and fax documents. It has more than 300 outlets in the US and Canada, and they offer self-service on fax machines. Rates may be different in your location, but you may use the following as your reference:

Rates start from:

  • $1.79 per page (local) + $1.59 for additional page
  • $2.39 per page (national) + $2.19 for additional page
  • $5.99 per page (international) + $3.99 for additional page

Nearby Credit Union or Bank

banks find fax near me

Well, most credit unions and banks offer fax services, and they are free to use for customers. However, if your nearby bank or credit union doesn’t specify the service, there’s nothing to lose if you inquire if you are a member or depositor of the bank.

Local Library

public library fax near me where to find

A library would probably be the last place you want to check, but you might be in luck if your local library offers fax services. Call or visit first to check the rates to be sure.

Final Thoughts: No Need to Google Fax Service Near Me

Sending one-time fax doesn’t require you to subscribe to any online fax service. Fortunately, whether you’re at the office or at home, you can do that from your smartphone and computer.

The great thing about this option is that you just need to scan the printed documents you need to fax and let iFax send them to your intended recipient.

However, if you still prefer to use the good ol’ fax machine, that won’t be a problem as well. You have seven options to choose from as mentioned above. We hope that this blog post has answered your question about where to find a fax near me.

If you want to explore more the iFax app without commitment, then download it for free and enjoy your 7-day free trial. Cancel anytime.