eFax Corporate Plan: 5 Important Key Points to Know

eFax Corporate Plan: 5 Important Key Points to Know

Nowadays, it’s possible to send a fax without using a fax machine. With online faxing, you can simply use your computer or mobile devices to send electronic fax, also called efax. This modern way of transmitting documents is cost-effective and reliable.

Efax is not to be confused with eFax, which is an online faxing service provider. If eFax Corporate is on your list of choices, this article will uncover some of the things that you must know before committing to an online faxing subscription.

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eFax Corporate Plan: 5 Important Key Points to Know

Is eFax Corporate Legitimate?

Yes, eFax Corporate is legitimate. It is a faxing service offered by eFax, an online faxing company. As the name suggests, eFax Corporate is designed to accommodate the faxing needs of businesses.

eFax Corporate is ideal for bigger organizations that need hundreds, maybe even thousands of fax numbers. It’s tailored for larger-scale companies that prefer more advanced API integration.

Who Owns eFax?

An American technology holding company called Consensus (formerly known as J2 Global) owns eFax. The company is based in Los Angeles, California. They have a few other ventures under their belt.

How Much Does eFax Corporate Cost?

The cost involved with eFax Corporate entirely depends on the kind of features you want to be integrated into your subscription. To get the exact figures, it’s always best to reach their customer service hotline. A customer representative should be able to give you a quote for the type of service you need.

But just to give you an idea of their pricing, here are the figures for their lower-tier plans:

  • Fax Plus starts at $16.95 per month
  • eFax Pro starts at $19.95 per month

These plans are ideal for individuals and small businesses with a limited budget and do not need a comprehensive list of features.

eFax Corporate, on the other hand, is designed for large-scale businesses that have high-volume faxing needs. That said, expect it to be more costly.

Is eFax Corporate HIPAA compliant?

Yes, eFax Corporate complies with HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The company’s enterprise plan meets all the requirements of this US law. For example, this provider can execute a business associate agreement (BAA). They also use security features that keep patient data protected.

It is important to select an online faxing company that adheres to federal guidelines to avoid getting fined. This is crucial if you regularly deal with files containing highly sensitive information.

eFax Corporate Plan: 5 Important Key Points to Know

What to Look for in an Electronic Fax Company

Ever since online faxing started gaining traction, especially in industries like healthcare and finance, more companies have come out with their own packages for efax services.

Before we explore the best efax company and other online faxing alternatives, let’s take a look at the things you need to consider when choosing the right provider:

Faxing needs

First, you need to evaluate the current faxing needs of your organization. How many faxes do you send on a daily basis? What features are you looking for? How can faxing improve the efficiency of your processes? In order to find the most suitable online fax provider, you need to determine what your business requires.

Long-term costs

Of course, one of the major factors that you also need to take into consideration is your budget. You must also take into account the long-term costs. How much are you willing to spend on online faxing per year? While online faxing is more cost-effective than legacy faxing, pricing may vary widely.

Some companies let you purchase faxing credits so you only pay for the faxes you send. There are also others that offer subscription plans that allow you to fax a certain number of pages per month. It’s ideal to choose a provider that offers flexible pricing plans that will allow you to scale up or down, depending on your faxing needs.

Security features

Another factor that you also have to consider when choosing the best efax company are the security features they use. Choose a vendor that provides military-grade encryption to protect your documents from unauthorized access. It’s also important to select a provider that adheres to federal and international regulations. This will help you avoid legal issues, especially when transmitting essential files like health records and contracts.

Ease of use

Finally, find out if their services are easy to integrate into your current system. It shouldn’t take you hours to set up and should not require advanced technical skills. Furthermore, see to it that their user interface is simple. The best efax company should have an intuitive platform that allows a seamless faxing experience.

eFax Corporate Plan: 5 Important Key Points to Know

Why Choose iFax Over Other Providers?

What sets iFax apart from eFax is the price range. For as low as $16.67, you can send up to 500 pages per month. You also get one free fax number when you sign up.

The best part? You do not have to pay extra for setup fees. There are absolutely no hidden charges. Overall, iFax offers more value for your money than any of its competitors.

Moreover, iFax offers an array of features that can take your business to the next level. For one, their security is extremely robust, thanks to military-grade 256-bit end-to-end encryption. You never have to worry about your data being stolen or falling into the wrong hands.

iFax is also compliant with HIPAA, GLBA, and GDPR. Whether you send or receive medical or financial records, you can rest assured that your data is safe.

For many years, iFax has been a reliable faxing service provider catering to over five million satisfied users, with over twenty million faxes sent.

Our cross-platform application allows you to send online faxes on multiple devices – mobile phones, tablets, and computers. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

So what are you waiting for? Start faxing with iFax today

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