send fax online

Faxing seems an outdated way to send documents to some people, but the fact is, faxing isn’t dead. It’s alive and has improved since the dawn of the internet. Perhaps you’re imagining a bulky fax machine and a pile of papers you need to tend to at the office, not to mention the annoying paper jams in the tray that need fixing. That’s the old way to fax. There’s a better way to do it in the era of smartphones, emails, and the internet.

Online fax services made faxing convenient and accessible for everyone who needs to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. With a smartphone on hand, you can instantly send a fax, and the recipient wouldn’t even know you fax over the internet. There’s a quickest and easiest way to do it. This article will walk you through three better options, so it’s up to you which route you would take.

Use a Mobile Fax App to Send Fax Online

One of the quickest and easiest ways to send fax online is registering on an online fax service or internet fax service. These providers give you a dedicated fax number or sending and receiving faxes. Moreover, you manage your account through a dashboard that looks like an email inbox to view all the sent and received faxes, contact lists, and an option to compose your fax and attach files.

These online fax providers offer different payment options for their services, such as pay-per-page, pay-per-fax, or a monthly subscription payable every month or annually. Some provide free fax online, no credit card required, while others offer free trials, giving you full access to the features to explore and test out the service yourself.

All you need to do is download the fax software from the online fax service compatible with mobile devices and computers. You may also access the service via a web browser and fax documents right away. When sending a fax online, you attach the files, and the online service provider will take care of the rest by converting these documents into printable ones so the recipients can receive them in their fax machines.

Free Internet Fax Service With FaxZero

Perhaps you’re wondering how to fax online for free since you only need to send one or two pages for a specific individual or institution. Well, there’s a way to do it. Enter FaxZero. It’s a website that lets you send free fax with a maximum of three pages plus a fax cover page. You can send faxes anywhere in the U.S and Canada, or you may also fax a senator, congressperson, and governor.

The website is pretty easy to use as you only need to fill in the details, including the sender and receiver’s information. Your documents should be attached as DOC, DOCX, or PDF. You may include the fax cover in those pages or type the message in the text field. Lastly, FaxZero requires you to type the unique confirmation code before sending the fax to make sure you’re not a robot.

If you’re faxing government officials, FaxZero has a list of their contact information and fax number. Click the official’s name, and it will direct you to the main page to continue composing the message. FaxZero also offers pay per fax for people who need to send high-volume pages. It charges you $2.09 per fax payable via PayPal.

Send Fax Online With Gmail or Email Client

Are you always on the go? Did you know you can send fax online from Gmail or your preferred email client? You can also do it with ease if you have an online fax subscription that supports the email to fax option. Here’s an example of how iFax email to fax works.

  • Try iFax 7-day free trial or pay for a monthly plan to access the full features.
  • Open your Gmail or email client and start composing an email.
  • Send the fax to ‘’ and type the recipient’s fax number in the subject field without spaces, including the local and international codes.
  • Add a fax cover page by typing a message in the body text, or you may also attach the fax cover sheet with the documents you need to fax. Leave the body texts if you prefer the second option.
  • Add the files you need to fax and click send.

The online fax service will convert those attachments into printable documents, so the recipient will receive them as they are in his or her fax machine.

Is Sending Fax Online Secure?

Online fax service providers use encryption to protect the transmission of faxes through the internet. 256-bit end-to-end encryption is one of the most secure encryption methods after 128-bit and 192-bit, ensuring that the faxes you send are protected from cyber snoopers.

iFax is using international standard encryption, 256-bit AES, which secures all transmissions of senders and receivers. You can try this internet fax service today for free on a 7-day trial and see how it goes as you test its features on your smartphone or computer.