HIPAA Compliant Faxing

If you’re involved with any of healthcare & medical, corporate, real estate or government institutions, chances are that you need to send and receive faxes on daily basis. Despite being working round the clock, nothing can ensure the security of data that gets transmitted over a fax machine.

There are 3 major obstacles that old faxing system needs to overcome as especially, for the healthcare industry sector it is still unclear and early to solve the interoperability issue that prevents the secure sharing of patient data.

We have listed down a few points to follow to safeguard patient information ensuring it to be safe and secured. These are the common tips for HIPAA compliant faxing:

1) Never let your faxes be unattended on fax machines

When you are sending faxes that contain personal or private information, you need to make sure that you don’t leave the fax documents unattended and also not to leave fax machine area until the complete transmission is done. To secure, even more, you can also check with recipient whether their fax machine is in a secure environment for not to fall prey to the public’s line of sight.

2) Replace your manual fax machine with a HIPAA compliant cloud fax service

Cloud or online fax service brings you many features rather than just the regular facility to send and receive faxes online. It is a cost-effective option as you can get rid of the fax machine, no paper, ink or toner. Moreover, you’d also be saving on the fixed phone line plans for every month. Online fax service provides added security with the encryption technology when sending, receiving and storing faxes online. There are many online fax service providers but the top online fax app is HIPAA compliant and by law, they are supposed to sign a business associate’s agreement (BBA) with you.

3) Always use cover pages

HIPAA requires you to use a cover sheet everytime you send a fax to anybody with the HIPAA approved statement when transmitting PHI. If your online fax app service provider allows you to attach a cover page as a part of the standard protocol of their workflow process when sending a fax then, they are adhering to the guidelines laid down by HIPAA.

4) Keep an audit trail

You might be subjected to fines applicable under the non-compliance if you have not kept the proper audit trail of every fax activity from every patient. Every cloud faxing platform performs this automatically and save every patient data and record safely in the cloud account. You can have access to all your records and documents from inside the application to view and retrieve any time any activity.

5) Breach from local devices

One of the top reasons that caused healthcare data breaches is the loss or theft of unsecured and unencrypted patient information from local devices and hard drives. This presents a huge threat to patients identity theft and fraud and is also a fineable offense under HIPAA guidelines. Using a cloud-based invoicing platform app solves all your problem as most of these services are safe and secure.


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