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5 Best EHR for Behavioral Health: Top Solutions and Considerations

Like other healthcare fields, behavioral health professionals can benefit from EHRs with features tailored specifically to their needs. It allows therapists and other workers in the field to offer better quality care through streamlined documentation and improved communication.

Let’s review the best EHR for behavioral health to help you choose the best one for your practice.

The Importance of EHR in Behavioral Health

Electronic health record (EHR) systems store digital copies of your patient’s health progress so you can easily organize and pull them up for diagnosis and treatment. They also include automation features, minimizing tedious paperwork and improving accuracy. With these various functions, you can keep precise and organized records.

Furthermore, EHR systems help behavioral health professionals collaborate. Healthcare facilities, laboratories, and pharmacies can access EHRs, ensuring continuous and timely patient care. Thus, choosing a credible behavioral health EHR for your practice can make a big difference.

5 Best EHR for Behavioral Health: Top Solutions and Considerations

1. NextGen EHR

NextGen is one of the big names in EHR systems for ambulatory practices. The vendor offers a comprehensive enterprise and small office EHR (NextGen Office) with e-prescriptions, reporting and analytics, billing, messaging, telehealth, and mobile features. There’s also free training and support for users wanting to learn how to navigate the platform. 

Distinguishing features:

  • Uses AI to generate structured SOAP notes
  • Securely send educational materials, lab tests, and payment options after visits
  • Integrates UDS, CMS, PQRS, MIPS/MACRA, and other types of reporting
  • Camera-enabled smart pen
  • Send text, email, direct messages, and e-faxes
  • Chart integration with Apple Health
  • Touchscreen-enabled and ONC-certified
5 Best EHR for Behavioral Health: Top Solutions and Considerations


EHR YOUR WAY is an inpatient EHR developed for behavioral health professionals and physicians. User reviews show that the software is easy to deploy, user-friendly, and well-designed. You’ll find it easy to record your notes and keep them organized. Staying true to its name, the platform’s customization options allow users to tailor the EHR to their specific workflows and needs.

Distinguishing features:

  • Flexible CRM to customize the patient intake process
  • Set up recurring solo and group sessions
  • Color-coded appointment calendar
  • Automated insurance verification
  • Online credit card payments
  • Real-time and ad-hoc KPI, employee, and clinical reports
  • Auto-populated client portal
  • EHR Your Way Clinical Web API
5 Best EHR for Behavioral Health: Top Solutions and Considerations

3. TherapyNotes

You’ll most likely find TherapyNotes in the best behavioral health EHR software lists. The platform was built for behavioral health professionals and multi-physician practices. A full-featured software, TherapyNotes provides a suite of features for in-person and virtual appointments. 

Distinguishing features:

  • Unlimited file storage, clients, appointments, telehealth sessions, and notes
  • Mobile calendar sync
  • To-Do list feature integrated with Calendar
  • Online payment through credit, debit, HSA, and FSA cards
  • 24/7 email and phone support
  • Autoscored outcome measures such as PHQ-9 and GAD-7
  • Integrated video for virtual appointments
  • Optional add-on features like billing, appointment reminders, and e-prescriptions
5 Best EHR for Behavioral Health: Top Solutions and Considerations

4. Power Diary

Power Diary is an all-in-one web-based practice management platform for large hospitals or behavioral health practitioners in solo practice. You can use it for billing, intake forms, therapy notes, video calls, and booking. User reviews say the platform is feature-rich, affordable, easy to use, and offers excellent technical support.

Distinguishing features:

  • Customizable notes
  • Waitlist functionality
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Colored appointment flags
  • Appointment conflict alerts
  • Printable appointments
  • Automatically block out holidays, meetings, and other events in your calendar
  • 24/7 online chat and email support
  • Integrates with Stripe, Google Calendar, Physitrack, and Mailchimp
5 Best EHR for Behavioral Health: Top Solutions and Considerations

5. SimplePractice

Lists for the best behavioral health EHR systems won’t be complete without SimplePractice. Aside from EHR, this platform has online scheduling, telemedicine, billing, insurance, documentation, and measurement-based care features. Reviews show that the software offers a user-friendly UI and an excellent customer support team.

Distinguishing features: 

  • Unlimited clients
  • Integrated measurement-based care
  • Live customer support
  • iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Client wait list
  • Template library for progress notes, psychotherapy notes, and other documents
  • Wiley treatment planner
  • Enable AutoPay for specific clients
  • Superbills

Factors to Consider When Selecting an EHR Software for Behavioral Health


Choosing an EHR depends on your preferences. EHR systems may differ in deployment. They may be web-based, SaaS, or on-premise. EHR systems may also exclude or include features as part of a package or as an optional add-on. Also, some EHR systems are better built for ambulatory practices, while some are more suitable for inpatient sessions.

HIPAA compliance and security

When choosing EHR, behavioral health tools should not be your only consideration. Ensure that the vendor has a track record of keeping data safe. They should provide the necessary features for HIPAA compliance, including encryption, data backups, and a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Best Practices When Implementing an EHR for Behavioral Health

After choosing the best behavioral health software, follow the best practices in implementation. Setting up your EHR system requires careful planning. Take advantage of the free training or demo that your provider offers. Ensure your team is properly equipped to handle new software and understand the importance of protecting protected health information from unauthorized persons. 

Communicate your needs to your chosen vendor. Ask them if the EHR can be configured to support regulatory requirements and customized workflows. Request for support in migrating data from existing paper records or another EHR. With some upfront investment in time, you’ll come to appreciate why choosing the best behavioral health EHR is better for the long term.

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