Medi EHR Software Overview: Pricing, Features, Free Trial

Medi EHR Software Overview: Pricing, Features, Free Trial

Health providers scouting for an EHR may have come across Medi EHR. If you’re wondering if this EHR can fit your requirements, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know about the cloud-based electronic health records system, including its features, description, price, and more.

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What Is Medi EHR?

MediHealth EHR software is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) system for healthcare practices of any size. It provides a customizable platform with scheduling, claims management, electronic prescribing, and charting features. Running on the Oracle 11g database, the system emphasizes that it’s an affordable and efficient solution. 

The EHR system doesn’t automatically include patient portal and billing features. However, it can be combined with Medi EHR Kiosk and Medi EHR Practice Management/Billing products for a full-featured healthcare platform to help you manage your practice more efficiently.

MediHealth EHR Software Features

Patient Portal

Through the portal, patients can exchange messages with their providers, access their medical records and lab results, and view and pay their bills at their convenience.

HIPAA compliant

Medi EHR, a HIPAA-compliant platform, offers a Business Associate Agreement with covered entities under the Health Insurance Portability Act (HIPAA). It explains in its BAA that it may only disclose protected health information (PHI) to carry out its business and only as required by law.


This feature helps patients easily book appointments depending on their availability. You can lessen phone calls requesting appointments and help patients avoid long queues and absurd wait times.

Claims submission and management

Send and follow up electronic claims quickly through the EHR system. It offers an intuitive UI so you don’t miss out on providing all the critical details needed for your claims submission. Moreover, it helps you submit supporting documentation for workers’ compensation insurance claims. 

Clinical modules

MediHealth EHR helps you view patients’ health data easily. During a patient visit, open your EHR to document and show the patient’s medical history (Hx) and prescriptions (Rx). You can track a patient’s relevant health information to give an accurate diagnosis. You can also create, manage, and track their prescriptions.

Uses Oracle 11g DBMS

Medi EHR uses Oracle 11g, a well-known relational database management system (DBMS) first released by Oracle Corporation in 2007. It is known for its reliability, security, and stability. However, Oracle has already released Oracle 12c, 18c, 19c, 21c, and 23c. Mike Dietrich, Oracle Senior Director of Product Management for Database, shares why users can stay on Oracle Database 11g forever. Oracle already ended support for 11g, and currently, there’s no news if the software will upgrade its database.

Medi EHR Software Overview: Pricing, Features, Free Trial

Basic and custom reports

Medi EHR offers standard reports that provide essential information about the patient and meet your general reporting needs. The platform also allows you and your administrative staff to customize these reports depending on your workflow. 

Web training

To help you go live with Medi EHR, its team offers web training for its users. Shifting to a new EHR or transitioning from a paper-based to an electronic system may be counterproductive to some of your staff. This feature will be helpful to reduce the complexities of using an EHR system.

Customer support

Unlike some EHR vendors that offer support only through email or online form, Medi EHR provides personalized support to its US customers. Customer service is open round-the-clock, so you can quickly reach their support team when technical problems arise.


The practice management solution offers a custom API to help you integrate other apps into the EHR platform. However, the API isn’t free and requires a one-time setup cost.

How Does the Medi EHR System Work

Medi is a cloud-based or web-based EHR. You don’t need to set up separate hardware for the system to work. You only need to subscribe to it, avail of the web training, and start using the platform. 

After obtaining access, you can immediately get to work by populating the system with the details necessary to monitor and complete your administrative and clinical processes. 

Medi EHR Software Overview: Pricing, Features, Free Trial

Medi EHR Pricing, Free Trial, and Free Version

The electronic health record and practice management system costs $495 per month per provider. To subscribe, go to their website to fill out a form asking for your clinical practice information. You will be asked for your name, the name of your practice, contact details, provider details, the product you’re interested in, and other information. Currently, a free trial and free version are not available.

Choosing the Best EHR System for Your Clinical Practice

Intuitive and secure EHR solutions are a must to ensure your practice’s efficiency and data privacy. Having options that free you from the hassles of traditional processes opens up opportunities for streamlined workflows and improved patient care.

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