Cloud-based faxing solutions offer huge advantages to companies looking to upgrade communications infrastructure. Due to the scalability and reliability, cloud-faxing takes away the hassle of managing staff and resources dedicated to the faxing purpose. This reduction in staff cost can prove to be a money saving factor for organizations. More importantly, document delivery has always remained as the integral aspect of any business and with recent advancement in technology, internet fax services have proved to be a boon in terms of speed, accuracy and cost-effective.

Fax has wide and varied usage across different industry sectors. While some have the need for heavy use and some might use it only occasionally depending upon their respective business or service requirements. The most prominent sectors where fax usage is higher are legal companies such as Audit & Tax firms, etc., healthcare organizations and financial companies. As long as you need to send and receive faxes online, cloud faxing not only comes as handy but also seems to bring productivity and boost growth. However, not every business need can be sufficed with cloud-based fax solutions at this moment.

1) In-house approach:

Cloud-based fax system is typically managed outside the company. For large enterprises with stringent industry segment, handling sensitive and confidential data comes with its own set of risks. Due to the negligence or improper handling of data, a company may incur fine and needless to say that the damage to the business reputation will eventually lead to the loss. Because, when it comes to a cloud-based faxing solution, everything depends upon the host of your organization’s communications solution.

At times, when there is an outage or system failure, getting the critical services to reach to your organization back up and running is solely depends upon the host. On the contrary, the on-premise solution allows your expert ground team to take quick action required and resolve the situations as quickly as possible.

2) Adhering to industry standards:

If the nature of the business or an organization belongs to a highly regulated industry segment, there are strict compliance and regulations which are needed to have adhered to the point such as HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, etc. It is also a matter of concern with the cloud-faxing system is that not every cloud solution provider offers the right security measures pertaining to each organization. Some institutions cannot let their communications be handled by cloud and hence, they’ll be keeping it in physical control.

3) Support to shift:

When you already have the best-in-class in-house system set up then shifting to the cloud can be tedious for the time being. The internal team who is well aware of the systems integrations can bring the process up to speed with instantly providing troubleshoot for any system failures. Their main job of responsibility is to make sure that every protocol is followed. In dire situations when threat is looming over the company’s security system, it is not favorable for executives to rush and knock on the system administrator’s door.

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Concluding Note:

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