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6 Benefits of Single Sign-on (SSO)

Strong passwords are a must in today’s digital age. For one thing, they help keep your business accounts safe from hacking and other cyber attacks. However, passwords need to be complex and changed regularly. This makes it challenging to remember login credentials for multiple accounts.

Forgetting a password can be more costly than you think. A study by Gartner revealed that the average help desk labor cost for a single password reset is about $70. This is no longer an issue if you choose to streamline your user access with single sign-on.

This post lists the benefits of single sign-on (SSO) and how it can help boost the adoption of SaaS applications.

benefits of single sign-on why is sso important

Why Is SSO important?

Single sign-on frees you and your team from the burden of memorizing dozens of passwords. All you need is one set of login credentials to gain access to multiple apps. If you’re a large company, there’s no need to create hundreds of usernames and passwords for employees.

That’s not all. You can also rely on this authentication method to verify requests for access from external users.

With single sign-on, you can instantly access several platforms your company email. There’s no need to type in a unique password every time you use a CRM platform, send a digital invoice, or fax online. Your team can do the same with the rest of the apps in your productivity suite.

Single Sign-On Uses

Imagine the convenience of using the same credentials to log in to numerous third-party apps. With SSO, you can speed up the process for:

  • Employee onboarding
  • University logins
  • Volunteer onboarding
  • Patient bookings
  • Client bookings
  • Retail procurement
  • Online memberships

Let’s take employee onboarding as an example. Your new hires won’t have to come up with a dozen passwords to access your company’s digital tools. All they need is their company email.

6 Advantages of Using Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO (Single Sign-On): Easier and More Secure Access

1. Increased Productivity

Less time you spend on remembering passwords, the more time you have to focus on productive work. Your employees can skip the tedious logins and immediately collaborate on high-value projects. There’s also no need to waste even more time trying to recover an account with a forgotten password.

2. Decreased IT costs

The more passwords you have, the more difficult it is for your help desk team to resolve all tickets related to inaccessible accounts and incorrect logins. Not only are these incidents time-consuming, but they can also be quite costly. With SSO, you can limit the need for employees to request a password reset. You can also minimize the downtime caused by forgotten login credentials.

3. Fortified Security

Aside from hassle-free logins, SSO bolsters security by preventing unauthorized access from unfamiliar or unregistered devices. With SSO, you can authenticate each login instantly. This way, only the right people can access the confidential information stored in your virtual workspace.

4. Streamlined Collaboration

Among the many benefits of using single sign-on is streamlined collaboration, even for remote teams working for a company. The same goes for collaborating with external resources like consultants, suppliers, or business associates. There’s no need to share usernames and passwords via email or messaging apps. SSO can bridge the gap while ensuring secure access to multiple apps.

5. Improved Regulatory Compliance

Some businesses are bound by data privacy laws such as HIPAAGLBA, and more. This includes securing your account logins to thwart internet stalkers and phishing scammers out to steal valuable information. With single sign-on, you can easily detect unusual logins and block any suspicious activity that could jeopardize your business accounts. You also minimize the risk of data leakage and breach of privacy.

6. Enhanced User Experience

SSO can significantly reduce password fatigue. Employees will only need to remember one login credential, so it will be much easier for them to access your company tools. It also allows you to give access to specific apps without having to create multiple usernames and passwords. Clients will be more inclined to support your business when they don’t have to deal with complex passwords and repeated logins.

6 Benefits of Single Sign-on (SSO)

Effortlessly Log in to iFax with SSO

Now that you know the benefits of single sign-on and why it matters for your business, it’s time to give your employees access to iFax. With our secure and HIPAA-compliant online faxing app, you can send and receive documents effortlessly. You can also set up teams and subgroups, making it easier for your members to collaborate and fax documents for different projects.

Enabling SSO on iFax will allow your team members to gain access to a full suite of online faxing features. With iFax, you can streamline your document workflow and send faxes through the internet instead of a telephone network.

Here’s a more detailed overview of how SSO for iFax works.

Set up SAML SSO for iFax today. Create an account to get started, or contact our sales team to request a free demo.

Kent Cañas

Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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