Faxing still plays a huge role in the British medical industry. The NHS up until very recently, relied very heavily on traditional faxing, meaning those sectors that worked alongside health service also had to keep using this outdated technology.

From pharmaceutical companies to doctors’ surgeries, pharmacists to chemists, there was no escaping the traditional fax system in the healthcare system.

But the world changes quickly and even though the fax is still in use, the method of sending the fax has changed.

It’s moved from analogue to digital.

If you’re trying to decide which is the best online fax service for transferring medical records, here is our guide to what you should look for in a trusted cloud based fax service provider 2020.

Benefits of online fax service provider

But first, why is an online fax service a way for you to easily and conveniently transfer medical records securely and cost effectively?

When you use a cloud based fax service to send medical records:

You aren’t relying on a dedicated, operational fax machine.

You aren’t relying on the recipient’s fax machine working correctly.

You aren’t paying for expensive fax paper or ink.

You aren’t having to fork out for a monthly, dedicated fax line rental.

You aren’t having to ensure that your fax machine is serviced annually by a reputable technician.

No, if transferring medical records is a core function of your business, using an online fax service provider is the only way to ensure ongoing success.

To help you decide which cloud-based fax service provider is the right one for your business, let’s take a look at the essential factors your chosen fax provider should have.

Features of cloud-based fax service

The features, and therefore advantages, of online cloud faxing for transferring medical records are innumerable:

Enhanced security. Increased levels of digital security mean sensitive data contained in patients’ medical records remains secure at all times. With increased access control, the potential for unauthorised access to the files is removed. Look for a provider which is HIPAA and GLBA compliant to ensure you send and receive faxes safely and securely.

End to end encryption. End to end encryption means as soon as you press send, the only people who have access to the medical record you’re transferring are you and the recipient.

GDPR compliant. With a legal requirement to comply with GDPR, when you take away the risk of a data breach by not transferring medical records by paper fax, you’re better able to meet GDPR compliance.

Improved workflow. Improvement in your workflow as everyone has access to the digitally faxed medical record. When you fax a medical record the only person who can use it is the one person who holds the physical copy. With a digitally faxed copy, anyone who has access to the email inbox can carry out the required action.

Freedom to fax from anywhere. Because you aren’t tied to a physical fax machine in one location, you can transfer and receive medical records from anywhere in the world. All you need is to download the app to your mobile device (with a camera) and you have the ability to fax remotely. You can send and receive faxes

Central management system. When faxes arrive, rather than getting left to pile up, they are stored in a centralised management system for ease of access.

Third party integration. Look for digital fax service that allows you easy integration with cloud solutions and third party integrations to enhance your workflow, making sending and receiving faxes a seamless part of your business.

Document archiving. A cloud based solution may negate the need for physical paper, but you still need a way to archive documents. Your chosen online fax service provider should offer digital archiving for all of your sent and received faxes, in an online, secure, database.

Multi platform support. If you’re looking for flexibility when faxing, you don’t want to be tied to a physical fax machine in one location, you also don’t want to be tied to using just one device. Ensure your digital fax provider has multi platform support – mobile apps for both iOS and Android for your smartphone and tablet, and software for your desktop platform too – send and receive faxes from any device you choose.

Transfer fax number. If you’re been operational for a while, you won’t want to change your fax number and risk losing customers. Look for a provider who will allow you to port your existing fax number over with you.

24/7 human support. Sometimes you just want to talk to a human, so avoid any service provider that doesn’t value and provide outstanding customer service.

One final thing to consider is the cost. You should have a rough idea of how many faxes you will routinely send and receive each month. Use this number to compare the price of each digital fax provider’s service plan.

Most providers will charge a monthly fee for using their service, and this will vary based on your usage each month.

When choosing a fax service provider for transferring medical records, consider which features are most important to you, and let these guide you in your decision.