The rise of internet fax services or online invoicing application did not only spread quickly but also got adopted by the entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe. The core reason behind this is its the ability to send and receive faxes online via an email account preserving the copy in the digital format. Clearly outperforming traditional fax machine in terms of advantages, this method is preferred more in the business and corporate world as it presents a truly modern solution.

What goes more into thought is to rather choose which one for your company? Here are some tips for selecting the most suitable one for your enterprise.

1) Assessing your fax inbound & outbound needs

To choose an internet fax service, it is quite essential to assess your sending and receiving fax needs. For e.g, if your business only needs to send a few faxes per day then check the pay-per-fax facility. However, if your requirement is to transmit a large number of documents on a weekly or monthly basis then you should opt for a fixed-price service. Whatever is your fax needs, don’t miss out on checking the security measures so as to ensure the safety of the sensitive or confidential information present in the document

2) Check competitors from your own business segment

Another good approach to come to a conclusion is via checking information from other companies belonging to the same industry sector. Developing rapport and building conversation with other organizations will lead to shedding some lights on their own need, usage and their preference over specific features and functionalities. Also, a few companies will even be able to share their weekly or monthly budget on internet service package which also helps you to deduce and make an informed decision.

3) Check with few online fax service providers

With information and recommendation collected from companies in the same industry, you’ll have a list of the features you should opt and also a few handful names of vendors that offer online fax service with the desired functionality (security, cloud account, compatibility with devices, etc). Contacting these companies will offer handy insights about everything including price package. You can even get few ideas about the quality of the mobile fax machine company if they take out time to ask you a few questions about to better understand your needs and requirements to offer you a custom solution.

4) Check customer service for potential suppliers

It is always good to check the support services with the potential online fax service provider prior to any problems arise. Is it just the chat tech support or through email/phone as well? Are they providing support over chat-bots or human assistance? Is the support operation is limited to certain time-zone or is it offered round the clock? One other way to look for the best online fax services are the ones who give importance to their customer support. This should also help you make a wise decision.

Wrapping Up:

The productive part of online faxing is that you get to save money, time and resources spent behind the process. Also, the ease of accessibility that surrounds the online faxing technology is at-par as compared to the old fax machine and its methodology.

The iFax app is available on 5 major platforms i.e, iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, and WebApp. It’s presence spanned across 17 countries and already comes equipped with a state-of-the-art integrated document scanner. Additionally, it features fax image editing with automated fax image optimization. With annotate PDFs, fill forms, and adding a digital signature- iFax comes as a clear winner when it comes to the pool of companies offering online fax services.

iFax provides all-round solutions for every business faxing needs. With 128-bit TLS encryption, iFax allows you to securely send and receive faxes by email. When you set up your company with the iFax Enterprise solution, faxing will become one of the most secure ways of the communication protocol within your company.