Faxing remains the transmittal medium of choice for many personal and business transactions that involve confidential documents. With the help of technology, the traditional faxing method that once required a landline and a fax machine is no longer being used. You can now send and receive a fax from your computer, tablet, or smartphone with an online faxing tool.

This guide shows you how to fax from a computer.

How to Fax From Your Computer

Here’s the step-by-step process of setting up your computer to send and receive faxes online.

Step 1:

Visit the iFax web page at https://ifaxapp.com and sign up for a free account. Enter the necessary details to create your profile.

Step 2: 

Head over to the “Products” menu and select “Receive Faxes.” Doing this will automatically bring you to the iFax web platform where you will find a pop-up window asking you to enter a new fax number. If this does not show up, you can go to “Get a Fax Number” on the left side of your screen and set it up from there.

Step 3:

Choose your country and area code.

Step 4:

Fill in your account details with the email address that you want to use to send and receive faxes from your computer. You may use your Microsoft Outlook email or any other provider.

Step 5:

Once connected to your email, you can start faxing from your computer.

Note: iFax works on both Windows and Mac computers.

Sending a Fax from Your Computer Using iFax

Sending a confidential document from your computer is made easier and more seamless by connecting your email address with the iFax app. The process is fairly simple. All you need to do is log into your iFax account on the Web app, fill in the recipient’s details, add an attachment and/or a digital signature if needed, or just type in a message on the provided text box. Delivery is in real-time, and you can set the tool to send you a notification via email when your transmittal is successful.

Receiving a Fax From Your Computer Using iFax

The process of receiving a fax from your computer is as effortless and seamless as sending it out. When somebody sends you fax, you will get a notification via email or iFax mobile, whichever option you chose. Once you’ve viewed the fax, you have the choice to keep it in a private folder in the iFax cloud so you can view it again later or print it out if necessary.

Benefits of Using iFax to Fax From Your Computer

Online faxing services like iFax offer a clean and green solution to transmitting files, as they do away with the traditional machines and no longer have a need for paper printouts (unless absolutely necessary). In the past, faxing meant having a machine, a working landline, and a stack of papers ready to be printed on. With a tool like iFax, users have the option to print out documents and can keep the files in a private folder in the cloud for easy referencing later on.

Sending a fax from your computer via iFax also comes with an extra layer of security over the sensitive information you are exchanging. In addition to having a 256-bit military-grade encryption system, iFax is also HIPAA and GDPR compliant*.

*HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679

Keep Your Computer Transmittals Safe By Faxing With iFax

iFax is designed to make sending and receiving sensitive documents online easier and more secure. With its highly advanced encryption system, users will have peace of mind knowing that their faxes are in good hands. This is why iFax is a preferred choice for many industries that deal with confidential documentation, including legal, finance, real estate, insurance, and medical.

Click to learn about its settings for Windows and Mac computers. If you prefer to send and receive faxes using your mobile device, you can most certainly do so using your iOS or Android phone or tablet.