In the age of e-mail and mobile devices, one would even ask, “Who uses fax these days?” Contrary to popular belief, many companies and organizations that need to send physical documents rely on them. Hospitals, banks, insurance companies, law offices – the list could go on.

Sending a fax is easy. When you have a hard copy of a document, insert the paper in the fax machine, and it will be transmitted through the telephone line anywhere in the world. The recipient receives a copy of the same document.

Technology has improved faxing and cut costs because right off the bat, you may fax from your computer or mobile device through online fax services. Subscribe to the digital fax service, pay for a monthly subscription, and send hundreds of pages a month.

Why More Than 5 Million People Depend on iFax?


iFax is a seamless and quickest way to send and receive fax online. It makes fax accessible and affordable for companies and professionals. It eliminates maintenance costs on the fax machines and digitizes the process – it’s paperless and ink-free.

iFax offers monthly and annual subscription plans that allow you to send a certain number of pages per month. For example, the Basic package lets you send up to 200 pages, while the Plus can accommodate up to 300 pages for sending and receiving.

  • User-friendly – From sending your first fax to receiving one, iFax offers an easy-to-use dashboard to streamline all your activities in one place.
  • Flexibility – Send hundreds of faxes per month with your chosen subscription: no hidden fees, no additional charges. You may upgrade or downgrade anytime.
  • Security – iFax uses military-grade 256-bit SSL end-to-end encryption for the transmission of documents. It’s also HIPAA and GLBA- compliant.
  • Cost-efficient – Offers the most affordable online fax services in the marketplace, the basic package starts at $9.99 billed monthly. On top of that, it helps you reduce maintenance costs.
  • Responsive customer support – Reaching out to a customer support agent is right at your fingertips. If you use a web browser, you can click the chat support and ask for help anytime.

One of the advantages of using online fax services like iFax is you’re always notified of incoming faxes straight on your computer or mobile device through email. You don’t have any reason to miss important documents from clients and colleagues.

How to Use Your Computer and Mobile Device as a Fax Machine?

Using your computer and mobile device as your fax machine is possible if you have an online fax subscription. Here are the key requirements to get started.

  • Stable internet connection or Wi-Fi network
  • Computer (Windows or Mac) or mobile device
  • Online fax service account (e.g. iFax)
Step 1

Visit www.ifax.com and click ‘Sign up’ to register and a window will pop out asking your email address or you may sign in using the social media account of your choice. Choose the subscription plan that best fits your faxing needs.

step 1 of sign up

Hat tip: you may also register using your mobile app (Apple Store or Google Playstore) and avail of the free trial to get started. 

Step 2

iFax will direct you to its main dashboard. This is where you have full control of the features and settings of your faxes. You may send a test fax to another number. Click the ‘New Fax’ button on the lower right side to send new fax.

step 2 sign up

Hat tip: the mobile versions have a user-friendly interface and you will find the New Fax button easily. 

Step 3

Fill in the fax cover sheet and attach the document if you want. Remove the iFax logo and change it to your company’s logo to personalize the fax. Once done, hit ‘Send.’ A pop-up will prompt you to click Continue. Click the button and iFax will then prompt you if you wish to notify the recipient via email regarding the fax.

send one page without fax machine

Hat tip: iFax lets you connect your Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud accounts for access if you need to send fax saved from folders saved in your cloud storage. 

The process is a time-saver, right? It’s even more efficient if you use your mobile device when you have a physical document on hand and you need to send it right away. Scan the document and iFax itself will use its state-of-the-art document scanner to ensure the recipient receives high-quality copies.

On the other hand, when sending a fax using the computer, you need a scanner to digitize the physical documents and send them as attachments.

iFax lets you send a fax using your email instantly. Send the email to send@ifaxapp.com. Put the fax number of the recipient as the subject and the body text will appear on cover page comments.


Should You Use a Fax Machine or an Online Fax Service?

Using a fax machine requires investment and maintenance on inks. Fortunately, there are fax machines that have scanning and copying functionalities. Furthermore, printers feature multifunctional capabilities that allow you to fax, copy, print, and scan.

That said, if you are geared towards using hardware, then prepare for the costs, including a dedicated telephone line. A fax machine uses a telephone line to transmit documents to the other recipient.

However, when it comes to online fax service, you only need a subscription plan and capitalize on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to meet your faxing needs. iFax, for instance, provides you a fax number under its Professional plan.

Which one should you use? The answer is up to you. If going paperless and embracing the digital processes make sense for your business, then an online fax service is for you.

Download iFax and explore it on your iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac and find out why millions of customers love it.