iFaxApp: Solving 3 Problems with Online Faxing

iFaxApp: Solving 3 Problems with Online Faxing

Alexis Basilla

We all have gone through fax turmoil at least a couple of times in our life. When you are in life-death situation of either to send or receive immediate fax and the fax machine is clogged with the paper jam. Aren’t those the time you wish to run out of fax or print shop and be as far as out of sight of the traditional fax machine? Certainly, we would.

Thanks to the fast-paced evolving technology in every frontier, bringing a sigh of relief with the online fax technology in the faxing industry. For the beginners, online faxing is nothing but it allows you to send a new fax from mobile or computer or vice-versa to receive it. From among the many key benefits, the primary one is that internet fax service allows you to save time, money and resources irrespective you are a startup enterprise, small, midsize or large corporation.

The most conventional usage of faxes is primarily accessed in huge number in the healthcare, legal and real estate industry segments. Let us not wait further and dig deep into what, how and why you should opt for the iFax app World’s #1 best online fax services.


Solutions to Common Problems

  1. Securing Personal Medical Information
  2. Paper Trail for Legal Proceedings
  3. Connect To Your Real Estate Documents Via Cloud


1) Securing Personal Medical Information

Healthcare and medical industry have to deal a lot with paper-work on a daily basis. Patients have to undergo admit and/or authorization form, claim forms from their medical insurance company or their healthcare service provider, release forms, etc. and considering the entire process will take up a lot of time and cause inconvenience to the patient and family.

The iFax app lets you send, sign and edit fax documents from anywhere, anytime. All you’ll need is just your smart device with an internet connection. You can send and receive documents as attachments and PDFs, just as you would in your regular email account. iFax is following HIPAA and GLBA practices to best stay adhered to the compliance. These guidelines are more or less surrounding to keep the Personal Health Information (PHI) and other sensitive or confidential information safe and secured.

Any law office or attorneys have to process a huge pile of paper-work of their clients for legal proceedings. May it be a name change after marriage or filing a lawsuit (by the way, which requires a tremendous paper-work) undoubtedly you’ll have to deal with too much of paper-based work.

iFax can quickly let you be done with work as you’ll need not to go through the tedious sign-up or account setup process. Moreover, with customized and professional fax cover page templates, you’ll be quickly able to send a fax to your clients or customers in just a few touches right from your mobile.

3) Connect To Your Real Estate Documents Via Cloud

Home is where the heart is….more often than not we all wished to buy a dream home. How much ever is the sophisticated and satisfying you feel once you decide on buying a home, the process is filled with signing and processing lots of paper-work. Sometimes, your agent needs to send you not single but a bunch of documents which you need to sign and send it back. You are not thinking about doing it from a traditional fax machine, are you? Forget it…it is going to take ages.

iFax can easily rescue from such situation. iFax empowers you to send even multiple documents at once such as home loan application, closing application, etc. iFax completely eliminates the need to print your original documents from your computer and then scan it to your fax machine. The iFax app is equipped with a state-of-the-art integrated document scanner and also supports all major file formats.

Wrapping Up:

With its cutting-edge features, iFax can prove to be immensely beneficial to the above-discussed industry sectors wherein there is a huge usage of document transmission. Providing round the clock technical support and ensuring the safe and secure transmission with 128-bit TLS encryption, iFax became the best mobile fax machines

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