file management software

5 Best File Management Software in 2023

Your computer may have a de facto file manager, but what if you need better ways to manage your files?…

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How to Reduce Private Practice Administrative Work in 5 Ways

In today’s highly competitive healthcare industry, running a successful practice requires more than just hard work, dedication, and patience. The…

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hipaa telehealth rules

HIPAA Telehealth Rules: 7 Valuable Tips to Ensure Compliance

Nowadays, people have the freedom to choose a more flexible lifestyle. There are options to work and study remotely. Professionals…

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best e-prescribing software

Best E-Prescribing Software for Healthcare Companies in 2023

Integration is vital in creating unified software solutions. It links two or more standalone systems to maximize efficiency and improve…

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reduce patient no shows

7 Proven Ways to Reduce Patient No-Shows

Patients who fail to show up at their scheduled appointments could pose all sorts of problems. For one, it causes…

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covid-19 on mental health

How COVID-19 Has Affected Mental Health (Ways to Cope)

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people in so many ways. It has completely changed the way people live and interact…

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why legal firms are using ifax featured image

Why Legal Firms Are Using iFax: 8 Ways Online Faxing Is Useful for Lawyers and Attorneys

It wasn't too long ago that the only way to fax something was to find a fax machine, load up…

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HIPAA compliant file sharing

5 HIPAA-Compliant File-Sharing Tools Worth Using

Patients get the best care when medical professionals have access to accurate and timely information. One way to make this…

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is square hipaa compliant

Is Square HIPAA Compliant? 1 Way to Instantly Find Out

When it comes to digitalizing your practice completely, the payment process is one of the most overlooked aspects that need…

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hospital automation

Hospital Automation: Easy Ways to Automate Hospitals in 2023

One of the best things about automation is that it helps take away the stress of juggling so many tasks…

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