Without the doubt, online or internet-based fax services has gained momentum in the faxing industry. Individual, startup or business owners have adopted fax service online and are eliminating the use of traditional fax methods to send and receive faxes. But what are the reasons that are contributing to increasing the growing usage of digital or electronic faxes (e-fax) in today’s business world? In this blog post, we are going to reveal some of the reasons or factors acting as a catalyst for this new technology?

To understand this concept, we are going to analyze the working functionality of an online faxing system. This new method of faxing utilizes your email system and internet connection to provide you with your faxing needs. You’ll still need a fax number or there are some best online fax services who allows you to port your current number. However, on a broader scale, this system works on the email account and internet connection.

Just like electronic mail (e-mail), electronic faxes (e-faxes) has brought many revolutionary changes in the way we communicate and send & receive documents. More importantly, ‘email’ and ‘web’ are the two major factors behind this tech change. When putting together, these two innovations can work marvel for any industry and the same has been observed in the faxing industry with the beginning of online fax services. Fast and reliable communication is always favoring users but also it has greatly benefitted business and organizations.

Since everything is going web-based, which means your faxing system can also be accessed and put to work anytime, anywhere. You can easily send and receive fax documents as long as you have a web connection. Moreover, with the help of today’s devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc. you and your business are connected all the time which means never to miss out on any important communication as you no longer have to be present in the office to reply. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of online fax services or online fax apps over conventional fax machines.

Another salient advantage of internet fax service is that it will digitize all your messages, quickly allows you to search and retrieve any specific document. This method is also more secure and reliable as your fax account is linked to an authorized email account, which means that only intended recipients of the said fax is only going to access it. Your files, documents or faxes can easily be stored online for which you can connect to the leading cloud storage platform.

In addition to above-listed things, online faxing is absolutely easy to use. It is as simple as sending an email and more importantly, it is the more convenient way to send and receive all your company messages.

Whether you refer to it as ‘electronic faxes (e-faxes), internet fax, online fax or digital fax’, the only trustworthy name that rings a bell is “iFax”. iFax has become the industry leader in providing online fax services either to send faxes or receive faxes online through its amazing features, speed, and efficiency.

iFax even offers you pay-per-fax facility or buy credits on a discounted price. iFax is available across 5 major platforms. iFax is the lowest cost way to fax. With over 2 million downloads, we remain the favorites among the users who want to send or receive online faxes may it be for personal or professional or business needs.

iFax provides all-round solutions for every business faxing needs. With 128-bit TLS encryption, iFax allows you to securely send and receive faxes by email. When you set up your company with the iFax Enterprise solution, faxing will become one of the most secure ways of the communication protocol within your company.

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