hipaa-compliant phone and fax solutions

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Phone and Fax Solutions

Are you looking for phone and fax HIPAA compliance? Not all fax providers include phone numbers or help you comply with the strict rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Start with the providers on this list to help you make your choice.

Top 5 HIPAA-Compliant Phone and Fax Solutions:

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Phone and Fax Solutions

1. iFax 🏆

iFax is a HIPAA-compliant communications solution designed for businesses of any size. It offers robust security features, protecting your data better than the standard security tools used by non-HIPAA-compliant fax and phone providers. Those subscribed to its Pro plan can also request a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Given its free advanced communication features, including API, number porting, fax broadcasting, and custom fax cover pages, iFax’s pricing is highly competitive and cost-effective. Other providers may require a separate fee or subscription for some of these features.

iFax offers:

  • Online faxing in compliance with industry regulations
  • Toll-free or local number
  • Secure messaging (texting)
  • Video and audio calling
  • API and Zapier integrations
  • Custom company fax page
  • Fax OCR
  • Fax via email
  • Team collaboration
  • Fax signatures and annotation
  • Free Android and iOS apps

Price per month:

  • Basic: $8.33 for 200 pages
  • Plus: $16.67 for 500 pages 
  • Pro: $25 for 1,000 pages
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Phone and Fax Solutions

2. RingCentral 

RingCentral is also one of the top HIPAA-compliant phone and fax platforms. It is a communication suite with SMS, MMS, video, and voicemail. Internet fax can be purchased as a standalone plan or as part of its complete phone system plans, starting from Advanced. 

Number porting and setup charges are free. However, it’s still a tad more expensive. RingCentral bills per user, and its programmable API for voice and fax costs $3.9 per minute (toll-free). It also doesn’t include annotations, OCR, or digital signatures.

RingCentral offers:

  • HIPAA-enabled with BAA
  • Local and toll-free numbers
  • Vanity numbers
  • Android and iOS apps
  • Integration with Zapier, Slack, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • Unlimited internet fax, audio conferencing, and team messaging (Advanced)
  • Inbound caller ID, call recording, and auto-receptionist
  • Business Analytics

Price per month:

  • Fax 3000: $22.99 per user for 3000 pages
  • Advanced: $25 per user for unlimited fax
  • Ultra: $35 per user for unlimited fax and HD video 
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Phone and Fax Solutions

3. Nextiva

Nextiva vFax is a secure phone and fax platform offering a HIPAA-compliant plan. Aside from providing strong security features, it offers free number porting and allows you to fax using a physical fax machine. Simply connect the Nextiva Fax Bridge to enable virtual fax services on your fax device. 

Unfortunately, Nextiva misses a few features, such as local numbers, mobile apps, e-signature, OCR technology, and API. Moreover, HIPAA compliance will disable certain features such as fax to email and voicemail transcription. Still, it is a good choice for healthcare providers seeking HIPAA-compliant phone and fax platforms. 

Nextiva’s top features:

  • Unlimited internet fax
  • Integrates with physical fax machines
  • Toll-free and local numbers
  • Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Teams, and Google Contacts integrations
  • Video conference recording
  • Auto-attendant

Price per month: 

  • HIPAA-compliant Fax: Contact sales
  • Essential: $23.95 per user
  • Professional: $27.95 per user
  • Enterprise: $37.95 per user
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Phone and Fax Solutions

4. CocoFax

CocoFax is another trusted digital fax provider for healthcare providers. It offers advanced faxing features such as mobile apps, app integrations, API, annotation, and HIPAA compliance. However, CocoFax reserves its free number porting services for professional plan holders.

Like Nextiva, CocoFax lacks certain features that would make faxing more convenient. OCR technology and digital signature are missing from its functionalities. However, it provides an eSignature app called CocoSign as a separate subscription.

What you get with CocoFax:

  • HIPAA compliance with BAA
  • Local or toll-free phone number
  • Free Android and iOS apps
  • SMS notification
  • Fax via email
  • Fax from G Suite, Slack, Google Chrome, and Microsoft apps
  • Developer-friendly API
  • Custom cover fax pages
  • 24/7 customer support

Price per month:

  • Premium: $16.99 for 400 pages
  • Business: $24.99 for 1200 pages
  • Enterprise: Custom plans
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Phone and Fax Solutions

5. WestFax

WestFax rounds up our list of HIPAA-compliant solutions. It is a flexible and affordable fax solution for any healthcare business of any size, offering four HIPAA-enabled plans. Plus, it integrates with the Epic EHR system, although you can also achieve that with any fax service that provides an API.

Like most of the providers on this list, WestFax excludes eSignature features. However, it stands out with its integrations. It supports internet fax via multi-functional printers (MFP). It also provides a printer driver, which allows you to fax via any app that supports print. 

Features you get with WestFax include:

  • Easy number migration and porting
  • Unique user identification
  • Automatic log off
  • Enterprise Fax API
  • Android and iOS mobile apps

Price per month: 

  • Basic: $8.99 for 500 pages
  • Fax 1500: $29.95 for 1,500 pages
  • Fax 3k: $59.95 for 3,000 pages
  • Enterprise: Custom plans

Keep Data Private With HIPAA-Compliant Phone and Fax Solutions

Many providers offer HIPAA compliance in phone and fax solutions. But out of the top providers we reviewed, iFax beats them all. It provides the most affordable HIPAA-compliant plan with the following phone and fax features that make communications more secure and efficient:

  • Encrypted faxes in transit and at rest
  • Forms data capture (OCR faxing)
  • Video and voice calls
  • Text messaging

Of course, choosing a HIPAA-compliant provider is only one step toward compliance. You must follow all the physical, administrative, and technical safeguards to ensure the security of sensitive user data.

The best HIPAA-compliant phone and fax software is right here.

Get a demo of iFax for free.

Kent Cañas

Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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