HIPAA being a promising authority of the US healthcare regulatory body whose sole purpose and focus rely on the security of electronic personal health information (ePHI). Undoubtedly, it goes without saying that the law needs to be amended from time to time with the constantly evolving technology in the healthcare and document exchanging service, i.e, fax industry.

While it does serve a good purpose making sure that the laws are in regards to the currently available resources and problems faced in the healthcare IT system, but it can also make HIPAA compliance bare the brunt. What stays unchanged is the extreme consequences of a security breach.

  1. It’s Not The Penalty That Harms You More

A security breach of HIPAA definitely brings down the financials of your organizations but what you don’t realize is that you are required to publicize the breach which will cause damage to the reputation of the company and brand. In the end, if you look from the business perspective, it’s not the government fine and penalty which will cause you more harm but the damage to reputation.

The risk could range from $2 million to $40 million if the breach is found out to be of records ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 records. Well, this is the risk involved hence, not the actual fine but the study suggests one-third could easily be the actual cost of the breach. The post-breach process involves notifying affected patients, hiring lawyers and depending upon the size of the breach, the organization might require to answer setting up an 800-number. Not to mention the rest of the blowback is through the loss of business.

  1. Keep Your Eyes Open – Always

Meaning to say that being attentive always helps when it comes to handling secure and private information of customers. By law, irrespective of whether the threat is there or not, companies are required to keep information secured from any unauthorized person to access it.

Their systems should be properly maintained and updated with security patches in order to be compliant. Sometimes, it could also result in installing a completely new operating system.

  1. Not Always An Extrinsic Factor

HIPAA security breaches and violations do not necessarily originate from outside but can also occur from an employee either intentionally or unintentionally. Keep in mind that HIPAA requires only an authorized person or staff to have access to a specific record. If a nurse gets access to health reports of a patient that he or she is not treating than that is considered as a violation.

The best way is to ensure by taking your staff through the security training and compliance sessions from time to time to protect your organization against threats from any extrinsic and more importantly from any intrinsic factor.

  1. Adopt Simplified Solution

Most of the data security solutions are harder to get adopted by and becomes easier for staff to opt for easier solutions which aren’t completely secure file-exchange services. To prevent this, businesses should make security rules simpler rather than weaker.

They should simply be understanding the fact that if it is equally easier and time-consuming to send an unsecured email or send and receive faxes online than why not choose the latter one? Following structured compliance methods will result in minimal resistance, organized workflows, increase staff efficiency and of course avoiding the risk factor.

The Solution

The solution is to rely on a trustworthy online fax service that not only lets you send and receive online faxes but also following best practices to comply with not only HIPAA but also GLBA compliant.

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