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Fax Machine Prices: Get the Best Deal With Our Top 8 Picks

Comparing fax machine prices and features can be daunting, especially if you browse in different stores like Staples, Walmart, and Office Depot.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Instead of you doing the legwork, we’ve created a list of the most affordable fax machines and where you can find them. This article will help you buy fax equipment that best suits your specifications

Let’s explore the options below:

fax machine prices 2024

If you are looking for a more affordable way to fax, check out these top-rated fax machines that you can purchase for less than $300.

1. Brother FAX-2840

This compact, high-speed laser fax is your best bet for a small store or a home office. This 250-sheet capacity multifunction printer has 2.5 seconds of transmission time. It can also save up to 400 pages in its memory for incoming faxes.

This fax machine has received plenty of positive customer reviews, and the majority say it’s easy to set up and efficient. However, the catch is that this Brother fax machine’s print output will be black and white. You cannot use it to send and print high-quality color faxes.

Where to buy: Staples at $219.99 | Office Depot at $229.99

2. Brother MFC-J5340DW

If you need an all-in-one fax machine and printer to fax and print colored pages, consider getting the MFC-J5340DW model from Brother. It has a maximum print speed (in color) of 28 ppm and offers triple-layer security, keeping documents secure.

This model also supports wireless printing and faxing and can be remotely controlled using an Android smartphone. It’s a reliable option for those who want professional-quality printing to use in their home workspace or small office.

Where to buy: Amazon at $249.98

3. Brother FAX-575

With its compact design, you’d never be able to tell that the Brother FAX-575 fax machine can do more than send and receive a fax. It can also function as a personal phone and copier, making it suitable for home offices and small businesses.

The fax machine also comes with an integrated telephone, saving you the added expense of getting a separate phone line for fax.

Where to buy: Amazon at $283.99

4. Canon FAXPHONE L100

One of the cheapest fax machines on the market, which costs below $150, is the Canon FAXPHONE L100. It combines a laser printer, digital copier, and fax machine, making it more efficient to manage and exchange documents for business. It’s ideal for small office or home office setups. Think of this as a fax machine with printing and copying as secondary features.

Its memory capacity can accommodate up to 512 sheets. Also, it can save your incoming fax if you run out of paper in the middle of a transmission. This specific Canon fax machine model has a monthly duty cycle of up to 8,000 pages.

Where to buy: Staples at $149.99 | Walmart at $149.99

5. Canon Pixma TR8620

For a price lower than $200, the Pixma TR8620 model from Canon is worth every penny spent. It not only supports faxing but also printing, copying, and scanning. This all-in-one inkjet printer also comes with a 4.3-inch LCD touch display.

Also, finding a space for it in your home office will be easy as this model flaunts a sleek and minimalist design. Supporting both wired and wireless connectivity, the TR8620 can print in monochrome (black and white) and full-color pages for fax. 

Where to buy: Amazon at $179

6. HP OfficeJet Pro 8135e

A newcomer on this list is the HP OfficeJet Pro 8135e, another all-in-one printer, copier, and fax machine. This model lets you connect to your computer and other devices via WiFi, USB, Ethernet, and local VPN. It supports both colored and monochrome faxing.

Like other HP OfficeJet models, the initial setup for the OfficeJet Pro 8135e is easy. It also has a scanner feature, so converting any paper document into a digital copy and faxing it online would be a breeze.

Where to buy: Amazon at $224.89

7. Epson Workforce WF-2930

If you are looking for a wireless printer and fax machine with a 1.4″ color display and Alexa voice control support, the Epson Workforce WF-2930 fits the bill. For less than $150, this very affordable model can get your faxing tasks done effortlessly and efficiently.

It supports voice-activated and auto 2-sided printing, making it a reliable tool for anyone working from home or running a small business. Another nifty option of the WF-2930 is its ability to print from tablets and Android-powered devices.

Where to buy: Amazon at $128.70

8. HP OfficeJet Pro 9125e

Making its way to the list of fax machines below $300 is the OfficeJet Pro 9125e. It’s another all-in-one HP model that can print, scan, copy, and fax. With it, you can streamline document management and print colored business documents at print speeds of up to 18 ppm. 

The OfficeJet Pro 9125e also offers upgraded features with its auto 2-sided printing and scanning, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself. You can also use the HP app to send faxes directly from your smartphone.

Where to buy: Amazon at $289.89

Fax Machine Prices: Get the Best Deal With Our Top 8 Picks

Fax Machine Prices: A Comparison

Budget aside, choosing a fax machine suitable for your business takes effort and time. One of the things that can help you decide is to check the fax machine prices and see which one meets your criteria.

Below is a table comparing the prices of the above-listed fax machines and multifunction printers.

Fax Machine Brand and Model

Price Starts From

Brother FAX-2840


Brother MFC-J5340DW


Brother FAX-575




Canon Pixma TR8620


HP OfficeJet Pro 8135e


Epson Workforce WF-2930


HP OfficeJet Pro 9125e


Fax Machine Prices: Get the Best Deal With Our Top 8 Picks

Factors to Consider When Buying An Affordable Fax Machine

A fax machine may be within your budget, but how would you know if it’s worth buying or if it would meet your requirements? 

Here are some key factors to consider when buying an affordable fax machine:

Fax machine cost

The outright price of the unit or fax machine model may be less than $300, but you must also consider other factors, such as ink prices. Some models have expensive ink cartridges, which could add to your operating costs. 

More importantly, time is money. If the fax machine has a slow transmission speed with a print output of less than 20 pages per minute, it is best to rethink your decision to buy it.


Running a small business at home or in a small office requires efficient use of space. If the fax machine is large or bulky enough to occupy a significant amount of space, it may not be the best option despite its affordable cost. 

You would want to maximize every inch of your office or business space, so a fax machine with a compact design would be the most ideal in such scenarios.


Can the fax machine or all-in-one printer fax and print documents wirelessly? Looking into its options for wireless connectivity is crucial since almost every task nowadays can be accessed and shared across multiple devices. 

A fax machine supporting this functionality would serve as a competitive edge, as it would offer improved efficiency and comfort.

Print output

For some businesses, printing in black and white is okay, but should you need to fax and print in color, it is a must to consider the print output on top of the affordable price. 

Some models, like the Brother FAX-2840, can only print in monochrome, so always check this feature before finalizing your buying decision.

Comparing Physical Fax Machines vs. Online Fax Services

Physical fax machines, although affordable, can limit your faxing capabilities. Besides requiring a machine to print and send faxes, you must factor in the additional expenses of maintenance and printing resources. 

An online fax service enables you to fax without a fax machine or multifunction printer. It allows you to access, manage, send, and sign documents anywhere. You can also fax documents across different countries and time zones and meet urgent deadlines. 

Best of all, an online fax service can store all your documents in the cloud, so there are no hard copies to store and manually sort. You can also implement better security measures to protect your important files from snooping or unauthorized viewing and sharing.

Why You Should Use iFax For All Your Faxing Needs

Achieving cost-effectiveness and increased efficiency while faxing is easy with iFax. Our flexible monthly and yearly plans let you fax high-quality pages online and to any local or international number. With instant, timely, and paperless fax deliveries, you can stay on top of your tasks with minimal effort.

iFax also lets you streamline workflows with cloud drive sync, no-code Zapier integrations, and programmable Fax API. You can also fax to multiple recipients and broadcast targeted campaigns.

Pricing for our online faxing service starts at $8.33 monthly.

Sign up for a trial plan today. 

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