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In this blog, over the next few minutes, we are going to discuss how the fax industry has drastically changed over the past few years. Moreover, we will also guide you through the online fax industry and the recent facts associated with it in 2019. To begin with, did you know that it use to take an average of 6 minutes and the price of a fax machine was a whopping $20,000 in 1982.

But with the onset of the 21st century and the internet wave, pave the way to internet fax services. This made it easier to send and receive faxes online from anywhere, anytime. 

Save Time and Money

Using fax apps means no more wasting paper. You can send and receive faxes electronically from anywhere. It will save a lot of time and money.

Keeps Your Documents Organized

Using fax apps, you can easily store all your sent and received faxes in a single place and can access the files whenever you need.

Allow You to Send and Receive Faxes Quickly

As there are a number of internet fax apps, you can use them to send and receive faxes online on the go.

Allow You to Sign Documents Electronically

The Electronic Signature feature available on fax apps allows you to sign faxes from your mobile phone or other devices and fax it back.

Easy to Set Up

Fax apps are quite easy to use. You just need to have a computer or mobile phone along with the internet. You can install the fax app and use it to send and receive faxes on the go.

Search Your Faxes Easily

If you are looking for a particular fax, you can find in just a few seconds.

Cloud or online fax service brings you many features rather than just the regular facility to send and receive faxes online. It is a cost-effective option as you can get rid of the fax machine, no paper, ink or toner. Moreover, you’d also be saving on the fixed phone line plans for every month. Online fax service provides added security with the encryption technology when sending, receiving and storing faxes online. There are many online fax service providers but the top online fax app is HIPAA compliant and by law, they are supposed to sign a business associate’s agreement (BBA) with you.

The fax industry has seen a major shift starting from mechanical fax machine which was first introduced in 1843, in fact, the world’s first fax device. By the late 1980s, we were capable of scanning image and sending signature images over long distances. By the mid-1920s, wire and wireless transmission were developed and also the first color fax happened at the same time. Then there was no looking back for the rest of the century as we progressed to send satellite fax, telephone transmission and then the first computer-based fax in 1982. Much of that phase shaped online fax service which we are mainly using in today’s time. By 2009, the world witnessed the first mobile fax machines from iFax.


The iFax app is available on 5 major platforms i.e, iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, and WebApp. It’s presence spanned across 17 countries and already comes equipped with a state-of-the-art integrated document scanner. Additionally, it features fax image editing with automated fax image optimization. With annotate PDFs, fill forms, and adding a digital signature – iFax comes as a clear winner when it comes to the pool of companies offering online fax services. 

iFax even offers you pay-per-fax facility or buy credits on a discounted price. iFax is the lowest cost way to fax. With over 2 million downloads, iFax remain the favorites among the users who want to send or receive online faxes may it be for personal or professional or business needs.

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