where can i send a fax

Fax is a reliable and timely solution that’s a prevalent communication method around the globe. Some industries and organizations that still use fax today include healthcare, finance, and government institutions. According to a 2017 survey conducted by International Data Corporation or IDC, these industries experienced net growth in their fax usage.

With fax remaining a crucial part of many industries’ document-centric processes, many businesses still require fax services. Understandably, it isn’t always cost-efficient for a business to own and maintain a fax machine. So, the question remains: Where can I send a fax if I don’t own a fax machine? Can I use a public fax machine for my business?

Keep reading to learn about various locations where you can fax a document in the United States.

Where Can I Send a Fax Near Me? US Locations

Cloud-Based Fax Solutions With iFax

According to the 2017 IDC fax survey, 42% of respondents shared that their employees wasted too much time with traditional faxing. In addition, 39% of respondents felt that the cost of paper and manual labor associated with traditional faxing was too high.

To overcome the challenges that traditional faxing presents, your business can utilize digital fax alternatives with iFax. As a leading cloud-based faxing platform, iFax allows your business to streamline its faxing processes.

When you receive a fax, iFax automatically encrypts the fax using 256-bit encryption. In addition, iFax complies with HIPAA and GLBA protocols.

The received fax is securely stored in your online portal, and iFax notifies you—via email, push notification, or web service—that the fax is available. Your fax documents remain on the iFax server and can be securely viewed on demand.

Because iFax is cloud-based, you can access it virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Rather than waiting in line to use a public fax machine, your employees can securely send and receive faxes with iFax. iFax is available across all mobile and desktop app platforms, including Apple iOS, macOS, Microsoft Windows, and Android.

FedEx and UPS Stores

Outside of digital fax solutions, other options for sending a fax include delivery service stores such as FedEx and UPS.

In addition to printing services, both FedEx and UPS offer fax services. It is important to note, however, that not every FedEx or UPS store offers fax services. Before heading to your local store, check online to see if it has public fax machine services. In addition, these fax services first-come, first-serve and are only available during the store’s business hours.

With FedEx and UPS, you can send and receive local, domestic and international faxes. Some stores like FedEx offer additional services, such as a complimentary fax cover sheet and a printed confirmation of your fax. The cost of sending a fax with FedEx or UPS depends on the number of pages you fax.

Staples and Office Depot Stores

Another location where you can send a fax in the US is office supply stores, like Staples and Office Depot, or OfficeMax.

Similar to FedEx and UPS, office supply stores tend to offer fax services in addition to printing services. These services are available during business hours and are first-come, first-serve.

You can email your file to one of Office Depot or Staples’ self-service printing stations. With your printed copy, you can then use a self-service fax machine to send local, domestic, or international faxes. The cost of sending a fax with Office Depot or Staples depends on the number of pages you send and if you use other services such as printing.

Send Faxes Effortlessly With iFax

Using a public fax machine can be a hassle if your business needs to fax an important document. To use a public machine, you have to visit a particular location during their business hours. Regardless, you may have to spend precious time waiting to use a public fax machine if they are all occupied.

Rather than rearranging your schedule to fax, why not try a cloud-based solution with iFax that works with your schedule?

iFax allows you to streamline your fax process by providing you a simple and accessible way to fax. With iFax, you can send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world. In addition, iFax can integrate with your CRM and workflow tools to help automate your processes. By and large, iFax allows your business to spend more time on what matters without sacrificing important communication processes.

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