Brother Fax 837 MCS

Brother Fax 837 MCS: Built to Perform

Remember the days when fax machines were a staple of every office? That workhorse of a device often perched in the corner, humming away as it transmitted important documents. Faxing was then the go-to method for sharing files, and the fax machine was the tireless tool that carried out the duty.

Notable players like Brother were at the forefront of faxing, with models like the Brother 837 MCS fax machine, which were designed to perform. But how effective was this machine? How does it fare against online fax services? What does the transition to modern fax technology mean for the end user? Let’s find out.

Features and Capabilities of Brother Fax 837-MCS

The Brother Fax 837 MCS introduced several groundbreaking features. Let’s take a closer look at some of its key capabilities.

Automatic document feeder

One of the highlights of the Brother Fax 837 MCS was its automatic document feeder (ADF). This feature allowed users to load multiple pages (up to 10 sheets) into the machine, which were then fed through automatically for sequential transmission. It saved a great deal of time and effort by eliminating the need to place each sheet on the glass platen manually.

Group dialing

With group dialing, users could create predefined lists of fax numbers (up to 4), making it easier to send the same document to multiple recipients simultaneously. This feature enhanced productivity and streamlined communication, especially in business settings where sending faxes to multiple parties was a common requirement.

Error correction mode (ECM)

The Brother Fax 837 MCS offered Error Correction Mode (ECM), a significant development in fax technology at the time. This feature identified and rectified transmission faults, guaranteeing that fax data was transmitted accurately. By reducing the possibility of sending distorted or incomplete documents, ECM significantly improved the reliability of fax communication.

Brother Fax 837 MCS: Built to Perform

How to Send Fax Using the Brother Fax 837 MCS Fax Machine

Faxing with Brother Fax 837 MCS is relatively easy to do, but it does require some hardware. To start, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the fax machine to a telephone line and a power source.
  2. Load the document into the automatic document feeder or manually place it on the glass platen.
  3. Using the machine’s keypad, enter the recipient’s fax number.
  4. Review the settings, such as resolution and contrast, to ensure optimal document quality.
  5. Press the “Send” button to initiate the transmission.
  6. Wait for the fax machine to complete the process and confirm the successful transmission. If, for any reason, you need to cancel the transmission, simply press “Stop/Exit.”

Why Change From Traditional Fax to Online Faxing?

While traditional fax machines like the Brother Fax 837 MCS offered significant advantages in their time, the advent of online faxing has propelled communication to new heights. Here are a few reasons why transitioning from traditional fax machines to online faxing is a wise choice:


Online faxing does not require physical equipment or paper. You can send and receive faxes directly from your computer or mobile device, making it more convenient and portable.


With an online fax service, you don’t need to shell out money for ink, paper, and maintenance. Furthermore, online faxing services often offer flexible pricing plans based on your needs.

Enhanced security

Traditional fax machines left confidential documents vulnerable to prying eyes. On the other hand, you can expect that the best online fax services like iFax (more on this later) offer secure, top-notch encryption protocols, ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of any sensitive information.

Accessibility and mobility

Online faxing liberates you from the restrictions of a physical office space. With an internet connection, you can access your faxes from any location, which makes it ideal for remote work or business trips.

Integration and efficiency

Online faxing services seamlessly integrate with other digital tools and workflows. You can easily archive, organize, and search for received faxes, reducing clutter and improving productivity.

Brother Fax 837 MCS: Built to Perform

Brother Fax 837 MCS vs. iFax: Which One Should You Pick?

iFax is, of course, an online fax service that currently bears the flag for modern faxing technology. Both iFax and the Brother 837MCS fax machine are industry leaders, but they came from different eras.

While the latter had its time in the spotlight, the former offers a host of modern features and advantages that result in far greater convenience, flexibility, and efficiency for the end user.

Here’s a quick comparison of Brother Fax 837 MCS and iFax:

Brother Fax 837 MCS

  • Requires physical infrastructure (fax machine and dedicated phone line)
  • Limited mobility and accessibility
  • Reliant on manual document handling
  • Higher maintenance and operational costs


  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Works entirely online, eliminating the need for hardware
  • Accessible from any internet-connected device
  • Offers mobile apps for on-the-go faxing
  • Integrates with cloud storage platforms for seamless document management
    Provides advanced features like electronic signatures and large file sharing

Considering all the modern advantages offered by online faxing, it’s evident that iFax is the logical choice for individuals and businesses seeking efficient and flexible document transmission.

Brother Fax 837 MCS: Built to Perform

From Brother Fax 837MCS to Online Faxing

The evolution of fax machines from the Brother Fax 837-MCS to modern faxing as we know it today showcases our remarkable progress in the realm of business communication. While traditional fax machines laid the foundation for document transmission, online faxing has emerged as the superior solution, revolutionizing how we exchange information.

Embracing the convenience, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness of online faxing with services like iFax is a prudent choice for businesses seeking to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Sign up for an account today and see how it works!

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