In the faxing industry, the days of traditional fax machines are long gone.

The simple fact is that the bulky machines of the past can no longer compete with the modern day advances in the faxing industry. These days, a physical fax machine and a fixed telephone line are no longer necessary tools for sending and receiving fax. If anything, most faxing is done wirelesslythrough reputable apps or websites these days.

As technology evolved, so did the faxing industry. Nowadays, wireless faxing is the norm and the act of sending a fax now is much quicker and more efficient than it once was only a decade ago. In fact, one can easily send and receive documents over the internet. This can be achieved via wireless fax using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. Through VOIP technology, one can easily send and receive fax from a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or a desktop.


Since traditional fax has replaced by the convenience of wireless faxing, let’s discuss the multitude of options for wireless faxing below:


Wireless Fax Options

  • Mobile Wireless

There are online fax services through which you can easily send and receive fax documents wirelessly. All you need is a mobile connection. You can use fax services, such as iFax, to transmit and act as an intermediary to virtually send and receive fax files via email, web interface or even through the iFax app.

This is the fastest way to send and receive fax wirelessly, especially in this digital age where everyone is constantly on their phones. 

The wireless component in this fax exchange is the mobile internet connection between the mobile device and fax machine. If any of the parties opt not to use wireless fax, then an actual fax machine must still be connected to an active landline. This step can be bypassed if both the sender and the receiver use an internet faxing service. 

Another option for wireless mobile faxing involves the use a physical fax machine that is connected to a smartphone via its internet connection. However, it’s important to keep in mind that only certain types of fax machines support wireless fax connection such as GSM or CDMA fax machines, which are both dependent upon the cellular network.

Apart from checking that the details of the sender or recipient are in order, all you need is a strong internet connection while using this type of wireless fax service. 

  • Phone Jacks

This is a suitable option for those who already have a fixed line connection and now want to go wireless. Using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), one simply needs to plug the wireless phone jack into the physical fax machine and it’s good to go. With this step done, one can now communicate wirelessly with a laptop, desktop or smartphone.

VOIP technology permits a user to transmit fax over internet/WiFi connection. Additionally, this can even be used to make phone calls via the internet.

Can Wireless Fax Be Done?

woman scanning and sending fax

In this modern age, wireless fax is the future. The answer is a resounding yes. Fax can be sent and received wirelessly if at least one of the parties is using an app-based or online fax service.

Here are some of the perks of using online fax services:


  • Low cost
  • Confidential
  • Mobility
  • No fax machine
  • No installation
  • No need for a telephone line
  • Environmental friendly
  • Efficient and Speedy

‘Internet Fax’ also known as ‘Email Fax’ simply uses your email account and the internet access to send & receive faxes, anytime, anywhere.

If your line of work requires you to send faxes frequently, consider using the ‘iFax’ app. The app has over 2 million downloads worldwide.  iFax has been in the business for decades now and its reliable service has won over some of the top global brands today, from Google to Twitter, and even The Walt Disney Group of Companies. 

Moreover, you could also use iFax’s website to send a fax or use their fax by email feature. The iFax app runs on multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, iPhone & iPad, and Android.