What Are Wireless Fax Machines Unveil The Complete Reality Of Wireless Faxing

Traditional fax machines cannot compete with the modern day tech in the faxing industry, however, much to their own credit, conventional faxing have to cope up a lot. Most of the industries such as health & medical, business, the government still can’t survive without their daily faxing needs to send and receive documents, files or contracts. However, the way in which fax operates has changed dramatically over the past few years.

As a matter of fact, using a fixed phone line or a dongle is no longer an essential need for effective fax usage. Nowadays, one can easily send and receive documents over the internet. This can be achieved via wireless fax using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology.

With this, you can easily send and receive fax on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop. There are certain ways in which these currently fixed phone line fax can be migrated to wireless fax. Let’s discuss in detail few options for the wireless faxing as follows:

Wireless Fax Options

  • Mobile Wireless

There are online fax services through which you can easily send and receive fax documents wirelessly with just your mobile connection. You can use your fax services to transmit and act as an intermediary to virtually send and receive fax files via email, web interface or even by an app. This does not turn your smartphone into a cellular modem or a replacement for the fax machine. However, it is the fastest way to fax wirelessly using a mobile or WiFi connection.

The only wireless component in this fax exchange is the mobile internet connection between the mobile device and fax machine. However, the actual fax machine will still be connected to a landline. That is of course unless both the sender and receiver are using an Internet-based fax service.

Wireless mobile fax is also another option wherein, a physical fax machine is connected to a smartphone via its internet connection. Only certain types of fax machines support wireless fax connection such as GSM or CDMA fax machines which depends upon the cellular network.

All you need to ensure is to have a strong internet connection while using this type of wireless fax service. You will also need to check that fax machine and mobile device are independently having their own cellular account and fax number.

  • Phone Jacks

This is suitable for those who have already got the fixed line connection and now wants to go wireless. Using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), you simply need to plug your wireless phone jack into the physical fax machine and it is good to communicate wirelessly with your laptop, desktop or smartphone.

VOIP technology permits a user to transmit fax over internet/WiFi connection. One can even use it to make phone calls via the internet, as long as you are properly equipped.

Can A Wireless Fax Be Done?

Absolutely yes, a fax can be sent and received wirelessly if both the parties are using online or app-based fax service. Following the few handy benefits of using online fax services:


  • Low cost
  • Confidential
  • Mobility
  • No fax machine
  • No installation
  • No need for a telephone line
  • Environmental friendly
  • Efficient and Speedy

‘Internet Fax’ or commonly known as ‘Email Fax’ simply uses your email account and the internet access to send & receive faxes. Anytime. Anywhere.

If you are in a line of work wherein you have to send faxes frequently and also with tangible personal or business information than I would recommend none other than, The most secure ‘iFax’ app. With over 2 million downloads, and so far users have sent over 2.5 million super low-cost fax pages since 2008.

Moreover, you could also use iFax’s website to send a fax or use their fax by email feature. The iFax app runs on multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, iPhone & iPad, and Android.

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