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With the progressive transformation in process and procedure around all the aspects of our daily life, faxing industry isn’t left far behind. The traditional way of sending and receiving faxes has changed a lot with time and age. Gone are the days where one had to struggle with routine regarding the complexities surrounding fax machine and its system. No more worries about the paper stack, fixed phone line, fax machine, ink, etc. Of course one can opt for the all-in-one printer which does all the underlying task but the more feasible and productive option in today’s age is to go for online fax service.

More often than not, online fax service is the smartest move as it presents small & medium enterprise, startup entrepreneurs and even corporates to get benefitted by being part of an instant faxing industry. Why instant? Because you could easily send and receive faxes in minutes by opting for online fax service from one of its providers. There are many advantages and features to look for as the competition is growing at an alarming rate within the said industry. As opposed to the traditional fax machine (where usually the fax number is your fixed phone line number), the online fax service providers either assign you a new fax number or allows you to port over your existing fax number or even let you choose your preferred fax number. Importantly, once your fax number is set up, you can instantly start your fax transmission with their easy-to-use web portal or interface, which beats the complex procedure involved in the traditional method.

Fax As Email, Email As Fax:

Most of the fax services allow you to send and receive faxes through any of your current email accounts. It’s quick and simple to collaborate with today’s modern office workflow as emails have become an everyday tool. As long as you have an active internet connection, you can send a fax as an email attachment from anywhere and hence, this approach makes the fax service available on desktop as well as mobile devices.

Mostly, all of the online fax service providers let you attach image and document file to your fax, which when combined with other features such as editable PDFs and digital signatures adds another feather in the cap.

Our comparison reveals iFax, the online faxing app is the lowest cost way to fax with pay-per-fax or buy credits for discounts. Also, you can select your desired free fax number for a week and avail complimentary benefits such as getting free faxes by just referring friends.

Fax Fees:

All the fax services are chargeable through monthly or annual subscription against which they provide either credits or an allotment of fax pages that can be sent and received. All the companies have a set of distinguished strategies to target a different set of users. For e.g, few companies focus on providing a complete package to send and receive faxes while others might concentrate on the flexible approach by offering to either send more fax pages or receive it depending upon a user’s usage of the services. This is a productive way to establish a customer base through which they can even avoid paying overage fees.

Some companies have the lowest fees of fax per page while others give the handful of credits in the pooled page plans. The customer has to decide which services to opt for depending on their usage and business needs. However, we would recommend opting for iFax because not only it has plans that are most suitable for users with dedicated diversified usage but also caters to users with random minimal usage. With iFax once you end up using your plan’s components, buying credits for only the remaining usage are the smart offer one should not miss on.

There aren’t any setup fees, however, when you subscribe to the services some companies charge you separately for the international faxes. Be sure to check the particular company’s terms of service and charges for sending faxes outside your region.

Feature-rich Components:

Most of the fax services offer you the core benefit i.e choosing your fax number. Once you are subscribing to the services, you’ll need to choose your country and then fax number followed by the area code. Customers can even opt to migrate their existing fax number or can choose a toll-free number in case they would not want the sender to pay for the fax. However, it’s a rare scenario wherein any company offering a toll-free fax number.

Paying few cents for the fax services isn’t as much of a concern here as compared to other features and services. Most users are looking to have an easy web interface that allows them to quickly be done with their task as fast and reliable as it can. With iFax, users are able to access the received faxes as PDF attachments through their simplest and easiest web interface.

Web & Email:

Users can easily maneuver their way to online faxing through any existing email account. The fax cover page contains the information such as the subject line and body text, however, any attachments will be faxed as separate pages. Moreover, the best part of it is that your fax number will be appeared as the sender name and not just the fax number, which eliminates any confusion about the identity of the fax.

Online Fax Performance:

Some companies services came down crashing when tested using a single Gmail account to manage multiple addresses. Hence, we recommend you to use and go for the most trusted and best online fax service provider such as iFax app. With the easiest sign-up process and simplest user interface, the iFax app remains the best choice amongst its users.

The iFax app is available on 5 major platforms i.e, iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, and Web. It’s presence spanned across 17 countries and already comes equipped with a state-of-the-art integrated document scanner. Additionally, it features fax image editing with automated fax image optimization. With annotate PDFs, fill forms, and adding a digital signature- iFax comes as a clear winner when it comes to the pool of companies offering online fax services.

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