Get A Free Fax Number

Well, first let us all understand that what is a fax number and how to get it and then about getting a free one !!

So, the simplest and easiest way to obtain a fax number through traditional faxing technique is to connect your phone line with a fax machine which in turn becomes your temporary fax number. Why temporary? Because if your fax machine is more often than not going to be occupied, you should most likely be planning for a separate line for the fax machine.

Well, if this seems to be much of a work than the wise choice is to opt for a ‘fax service provider’ just like you ‘phone line service provider’. Either you can get a fax number from your telephone company by setting up with an additional independent line or you can also directly go for a fax number from one of the various online fax services.

If one has a question about what is the online fax service? Well, the answer to that is, there is online fax service providing companies. Now, most of these companies who offer such internet faxing services include a free fax number when you subscribe to their service. There is a list of providers available online.

Now let us jump right on the step by step guide on how to get you your free fax number. Following is the most generalized process that one might see on most of these online fax service providers website.

1) Upon clicking on ‘Start Faxing Now’ or ‘Get Fax Number Now’, you would need to complete the signing process.

2) Then you will need to select Country, City and/or Area Code and choose your desired fax number.

3) You can review the subscription charges and free trial plan information and conditions related to it. More importantly, all of these services mostly comes with no obligation meaning you can cancel the subscription anytime.

4) Once you are familiarized and have made an informed decision after reviewing the features you can move further with providing your financial information so as to confirm the purchase of your fax number.

Apparently, you could certainly opt out of the subscription at a later stage if you don’t like it for any reason however, that would also mean losing your fax number and repeating this process again with any other ‘online fax service provider’. Hence, obviously you can get a free fax number but for a limited period of time but then you will need to subscribe to the package which could range from monthly to yearly.

However, just to make up your choice only based on the cost factor isn’t recognized as a clever decision as well. Because some companies do offer such drop-down price in the industry for e.g charges to send one fax could cost you less than your tea or coffee.

But one should not be incalculable about other factors such as easy interface, compatibility, speed, security, cost-efficient, productive and feature-rich, etc. You can also read reviews so that you can compare different providers on the basis of positive & good reviews as well as being a recognizable organization.

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