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5 Key Secure Features To Look For In An Internet Fax Service


Traditional faxing is a daunting task. The other major reason to avoid taking the conventional route to send and receive faxes is majorly due to its limitations. As we all know, the old fax machine is primarily only solves the basic need for document transmission. However, technically speaking, fax machines have not grown with the technology advancing and several demanding needs of global generation.

On the contrary, call it internet fax services or cloud fax solution offers many advantages for your personal or professional need. Not only it allows you to send and receive faxes online but also you could perform many other small tasks such as customize fax image, add a digital signature, company logo to let your clients associate with your brand and many more. However, apart from such obvious benefits with an online fax service provider, if you belong to a specific industry segment such as real estate, legal, govt organisation or healthcare & medicine wherein your faxing usage is more than average then you should also key in the following factors listed. Moreover, choosing a service for your healthcare business can sometimes prove to be a tricky deal. As you’ll be dealing with personal and health records, ensure that the internet fax services you choose meets all the necessary security standards. To help you make an informed decision we have outlined five key features which every organisation should utmost take care of before opting for online fax service.

HIPAA Security

One has to make sure that the service you go for follows and meet every requirement under HIPAA’s rule to keep the document safe and secure at all times. HIPAA security should be on the top priority as your records and documents contain personal information and/or confidential data. As you will transmit electronic protected health information (ePHI), your HIPAA secure fax solution should come equipped with the following privacy and security standards.

  • Encryption: All docs should be protected with strong encryption while the data is at rest or in the transfer.
  • Authentication: Two-step verification with password or pin, independent authentication, custom permissions, IP restricted access, session time-out or auto log off in times of idle or no activity – should be put to use to restrict unwanted user access.
  • Physical security: Servers, storage and databases should be placed in robust and impenetrable facilities.
  • Safeguards: Business Associate Agreements (BAA) or contracts supporting HIPAA compliance can be put to use along with administrative, technical and physical safeguards. 

Audit Trails

The rule of HIPAA also states that an audit trail has to be maintained for every fax transaction which is sent or received. When you are scouring for best online fax service, seek a product that will generate a complete audit trail for all activity.

Admin Controls

Every company needs to stay put in control of all the communications to ensure seamless business operation to run things efficiently. One can think of cloud fax service that enables administrative control, with additional function to grant permissions, create custom security settings and generate reports.


Few of the cloud faxing solution offers companies to annotate PDFs, sign documents and allow them to access fax notifications and updates right from their smartwatches. In today’s day and age, you can accomplish your daily faxing needs from a mobile or any other smart device. One does not have to remain in the office to send and receive faxes online as they can access faxes from anywhere, anytime.

Transparent Pricing

Internet fax service eliminates the need for paper, ink toner, fax equipment and maintenance cost, fixed phone line rental, etc. You should compare top online fax solutions first as per your business requirements and check for their pricing policy for all kinds of package or subscription charges. Your outlook should be not to get lured in for a package that might have any sort of hidden cost associated.

Wrapping Up:

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